Still cold, one week later.

We had a busy week this week.  Friday was our zone conference in Nuremberg.  I always look forward to zone conference for many reasons.  It is nice to have a change of activities every once and a while.  It is fun to be with the other missionaries.  It is always uplifting to hear from our mission president.  Lastly the food is always very good.  On the way there we noticed our car thermometer said it was -18.5c.  It sounds colder than -1f.  They are both darn cold.  Other missionaries told us that they were in -19c.  We have heard that this is the coldest winter in Germany in a long time.  One person said 15 years and another 20.  Lucky us.  First it was a promise of one week in Hawaii, but I think dad is feeling sorry about how long the cold is lasting.  I think I may get a two week trip to paradise next winter. 

I will keep this post short.  Just wanted to write something so people know we haven’t frozen solid.  I am not looking forward to going out in the cold to go to the gym tomorrow morning early.  I didn’t go out on Saturday at all, and today just went to church and one appointment.  The days are growing longer and the cold is growing stronger.  Somehow that saying from pa Ingalls doesn’t reassure me about the rest of the winter.  Can’t wait until Groundhogs Day!

One Year

It was a year ago today that we left Lacey and Dale drove us to Seatac for our flight to Salt Lake City.  We were set apart as missionaries on the 3rd and after the tears said goodbye to all.  The next morning we drove to Dale’s and he drove us to the airport.  Time does fly.  Six months +/- a few days and we’ll be home.

Love you guys.

Making up for last week.

We have been busy with visiting this week since we didn’t do much last week.  We couldn’t have planned it better for a visit.  It had been difficult to get appointments the week before Christmas, and not so hard the week before New Years.  We will take our preparation day tomorrow while the boys are here again and then see them off Sunday morning.  They are going to Munich to spend a night and see a little of the city.  I am sure they are glad to have missed the Weihnachts Markt there, we saw so many and after the one in the Thurn und Taxis grounds everything else seemed a little too commercial. 

We pick the boys up at 8:30pm if all goes according to plan.  They are on their way to Salzburg today to meet with Elder and Sister Reber, Dale’s former mission president, now a senior couple, and to see the city.  I think it sounds wonderful to travel through Bavaria by train in the winter.  Maybe someday I will get to do it.  We have a full day of visiting ahead of us, except one of our visits just canceled, but we got another one last night.  We have a member of our ward who is in the hospital so we will go see her. 

Last night we were at the Pomares home and Bro Pomares wasn’t feeling well, so dad called someone and they gave him a blessing.  Hope he feels better.  He was planning on going to the hospital today.  We will call later and see how he is. 

School starts on Monday.  I hear Leslie cheering from here.  Make the most of your remaining time off.  Hope all you guys are reading books and playing outside. 


Remember this visit to Garmisch? Sorry Leslie. 


A German New Year

While I am writing this it is just 20 minutes past New Years back home in Washington.  We thought about calling home and then realized that we are a bunch of party poopers and everyone was probably already in bed. 

We had a lovely day yesterday, we visited with six families.  The last one was the Steen family and she had totally forgotten that she had invited all the missionaries for dinner.  She called her friend Andrea Jean and asked if she could host the missionaries.  Of course Andrea said yes (what a good friend she is).  By the way, the Jeans are going to go to Garmisch today, wish we could go with them and show them all the fun places.

We got home just before 9 pm, we didn’t want to be on the road with all the crazies.  The fireworks had already started.  We read, made some calls and waited for the midnight hour.  What fun!  At midnight the church close to us started ringing its’ bells and the fireworks were in earnest.  Every direction we looked we saw fireworks going off.  In Germany you can buy fireworks in the local grocery stores, and I think most everything is legal.  No driving off to the reservation here.  We live close to the Stadthalle where a lot of people had congregated and they had quite a good display.  We could also see the display from the post.  We looked out our bathroom window and as far as we could see the night sky was lit up.  Fortunately, people ran out of fireworks shortly after midnight and we were able to sleep undisturbed until the bells started ringing this morning for church services.  The Catholics don’t get to sleep in on any holiday. 

I wish we could have taken some pictures to put on the blog, but you all know what fireworks look like.  It was fun having the sky lit up and the church bells ringing.  Way better than banging pots and pans together.  Next year I believe I will be ringing our cow bell at midnight.

Happy New Year to you all.