Nature’s Bounty

Dale brought us a couple bags of cherries the other day that he picked from a coworker’s orchard.  Tonight he was heading over there again, so he picked Hayden and Regan up and took them with him and they brought back another load of cherries.  Tomorrow I’m going to make a cherry crisp, but first I have to pit all those sour pie cherries.  The others look like Rainiers.  They’re super yummy.  It was perfect timing too, because we had no fresh fruit in our house!  Thanks Dale!

So cute and snuggly

The rule in our house is, if Dave is home, Lacy has to fall asleep in her own bed. If Dave is not home, Lacy can choose to fall asleep in her bed or in our big bed. Tonight Dave left after FHE to run to Home Depot, and Lacy chose to fall asleep in our bed. Rose came to bed a little while later. They were far apart when I put Rose down, but when I checked in on them a few minutes ago, they were all snuggly. So sweet! I had to take several dozen pictures.

Check it out

We just posted a ton of pictures on our family blog  aaaaaaand we started posting on our book review blog again.

But remember, these are reviews by the kids and I don’t edit them.  If they say weird stuff, then so be it.  If.  I mean when they say weird stuff.  But it’s been fun.  Porter has actually been reading a lot lately and doesn’t mind doing the reviews.  Hayden’s been reading a ton, but he’s been pretty busy, so he hasn’t done any reviews.  I’ll get him on the ball soon. 

And a reminder–the dance festival is this weekend.  Friday at 7 and then on Saturday at 2 and 7.  We’ll probably go to the Saturday night performance if anyone wants to carpool or meet up there.  I’ll post details later this week to let you know for sure.  Hopefully you can all make it.  It should be really fun!

And a picture because he’s so darn cute.

You’re Invited!

You’re Invited to a Barney Elmo Clifford Teletubbies Wiggles Wonderpets Little Einsteins Birthday Party!

For:  Cooper

On Saturday, August 30th

Bring lots of presents

We’ll probably do a BBQ again.  But this time maybe we can have some sort of outing or activity planned.  Will this day work for our next family get together?  Let’s get it planned.  Maybe we can even go camping for the weekend.  I don’t know.  Any ideas?  Cooper’s pretty flexible for his birthday plans!

And then let’s do a family temple trip on a Saturday in September.  It will have to be in the evening on either the 6th, 13th or 20th.  Let me know what date works best for you guys and we can get that on our calendar, too. 



My kids have been wanting to go to Burfoot park ever since we’ve moved back, but first we were waiting for good weather, and then we were waiting for Regan’s ankle to get strong enough. So we finally decided that today was our day. We called some new friends of ours (a family that is investigating) and invited them to meet us there. We took a picnic lunch and ate as soon as we got there. Then we hiked through the woods down to the beach. That’s my favorite part. It is probably my favorite hike in the world.  It’s just gloriously beautiful. The tide was out, so we were able to find some little crabs and clams. Cooper wanted to crawl around but I was afraid he would cut himself on the barnacle-covered rocks. The kids took their shoes off and waded around for awhile. It was a lot of fun. There was a big golden retriever there, swimming in the inlet, chasing rocks. It was fun to watch him. Hayden was throwing rocks out as far as he could and the dog would go swimming off to find them. He definitely got some exercise! It reminded us all of Heidi. The kids all had great behavior and we enjoyed our visit to the beach. Sorry, no pictures.

Then on our way home we decided to stop by at the farmer’s market, but it was already closed.  It must close at 3 on Thursdays because it was 3:30 when we got there and they were loading the stuff into vehicles.  I guess we’ll try again this weekend.  Hope you all have a grate weekend.  Anyone have exciting plans?

District leader strikes again!

We spent Sunday evening setting up our appointments for this week.  We had been told that our zone conference would be the next week, and we believed our new district leader because he hadn’t made a mistake with us yet.  We got a call on Sunday at 10 pm, too late to call anyone else, telling us that zone confernce would be on Tuesday.  That meant that we would have nothing to do on Monday since we had saved that day for our usual district meeting plus we had to change the meetings we had arranged for Tuesday to another day and figure out how to tell the library that we weren’t going to be there on our usual Tuesday morning.  That would be hard since the library is closed on Monday and we figured we would have to leave by 8 am on Tuesday to get to Nuremburg on time.  When we told him how he messed up our plans he was very apologetic, but I’ll have to say in spite of that, I am not impressed.  We have had problems with not receiving information about meetings in a timely manner before.  We already know when interviews will be, we asked the assistant to the President about that.  He doesn’t think I like him much (the assistant).  I believe he is the one who thought that we didn’t need to stay overnight in Nuremburg for the two day zone conference. 

We ended up making some visits on Monday and then some yesterday so we feel okay.  We had a bunch today and they have been canceling so now we just have a few.  Tomorrow will be a makeup day at the library and then we may go furniture shopping with a member.  Friday we have appointments and then Saturday we will be going to Regensburg to take our preparation day.  We have heard they have something like germ knodel’s there, but they call them dampf knodel.  We are looking forward to finding one.  We will take a picture if we do and post it here.

We took a nice ride this morning and went to the little village that we found last week again.  It is still very charming and we intend on going with our camera one of these times.  We also went by the place where a girl in our ward will be baptized this Sunday, in a lake!  We are thinking that would be fun to do for one of our summer grandchildren instead of doing the Stake baptism thing.  Just a thought. 

We don’t know when Heidi Campbell will be back to reclaim her home and internet.  She said at one point that it would be the end of this month.  If so that will work out well for us because we expect that we will have internet of our own by next month.  We don’t know if it will be fast enough for the webcam, we shall see.

Thanks for the blogs we enjoyed reading about everyone’s weekend.  We miss you all and it is especially hard when you get together and we can’t be with you.  We are needed here and continue to be very busy.  The men have been gone for a year now and the families are getting anxious.  Hope the next three months go by quickly.  They will be getting home in October.  Should be a great holiday season for everyone.       

He must be an Abersold

Hayden bought a used “racing bike” from the McClellans on Saturday.  He was so excited.  He had been eyeballing it for several days and we finally helped him negotiate for it.  He was so excited.  He rode it to dance practice on Saturday night.  Then on Monday he rode it to the Woolfs to help them move, came back home for a little while, then back off to go to NTHS for swim team.  He figured that he rode about 22 miles that day.  Then of course the mile and a half that he swam.  He was one pooped dude when he got home.  He tried to practice his violin but he couldn’t muster the energy and his eye kept twitching (I’m guessing his body was trying to tell him to just go to sleep!) so he just ended up going to sleep.  He didn’t go anywhere today out of the neighborhood, but is planning on riding to swim team again tomorrow.  This will definitely save me some gas money!

And speaking of funny things that kids say (nice segue, Les)…Tonight Regan brought one of Hayden’s violin books up to Dix and asked him what the name of a song was. It was a tonalization exercise, so he said, “It’s called Tonalization.” She smiled knowingly and said, “I know THAT song!” She then started singing to the tune of “Hark all ye Nations.”

“Tonalization, hear Heaven’s voice…”

Sunny Weather

I was just looking at the forecast for the next few days and was stunned to see that it is supposed to be sunny and in the mid-70s for the next 10 days!  With the exception of one day that should hit the mid 80s.  We’re going to have lots of fun playing outside!  Especially since Porter is grounded from video games for the rest of the month!