Job hunting

So, as some of you know, my contract with my current company, Atlas Solutions, is about to expire. In fact, next week is my last week with the company. I’ve been working on finding a full-time, permanent software engineering position somewhere, and have suffered some setbacks (with Atlas’s parent company, aQuantive, back in November, and more recently with

I will be interviewing for a contract position with Microsoft’s eHome team on Tuesday. It will be a short interview (2 hours or so) and the contract is for a minimum three month period, maximum of a year. Hopefully it goes well, I’m excited about the opportunity and this team in particular looked very interesting (in a nutshell, the idea is to make a computerized home).

Microsoft interviews are difficult, so I’ll be doing my best to prepare for it.

We felt left out

Hearing of all the excitement over at mom and dad’s, we decided to get in on the action, too.  We started our demo today.  We have a guy here knocking out our pantry.  We emptied everything last night onto/under a big folding table in our family room.  Juan got here this morning at 8:30 and started making a mess.  He now has the entire pantry out and is just cleaning up all the debris.  He’s going to do the drywall work today, too, as well as move the electrical and water for the fridge.  As soon as the texture is done, we’ll start installing all the cabinets.  I’m thinking that they will all be in by early next week.  We haven’t ordered our counter top yet, though.  We’re going to go do that tomorrow, and I get to pick it out.  I’m so excited.  I actually get to choose something for my house.  Hopefully we actually get done quickly and…well, hopefully we actually get done 100%! 



The first day of the blog

So several family members have created accounts, and so far the reaction to the blog has been positive. I’m going to start a series of posts showing how to do various things with the software.

And to start off, why not show how categories work? When you’re making a new post to the blog, on the right hand side there are several boxes, each one representing a specific category. When you publish your entry, your entry will fall under whichever categories you checked (“General” by default).

Each post has its categories listed on the front page. You can click on a category and see all posts made in that category. I’m going to continue posting some (hopefully) useful info under the category “Stupid Blog Tricks” to show various tips and tricks in getting this blog to work.

Right now only I can add new categories, so I’m adding a few that I think will get used by everybody. Let me know if you want additional categories added (I may just give everybody the ability to add categories, I’ll look into it).

Here she is.

I am posting my first comment on the family blog.  This will be so fun when we are traveling.  I need to tell everyone that Roger Prengel had triple by-pass surgery today.  He found out on Monday that he had blockage in three arteries.  He tolerated the surgery well and should be home by the weekend.  We plan on visiting him this week.  We have so many people around us right now who are having serious health issues.  We all need to be taking care of ourselves, eating the right food and getting lots of exercise and rest.  Take care of yourselves so you can have a healthy life. 

We had a busy day with going to the hospital to get a procedure done for dad, he is fine.  This afternoon we worked at the soup kitchen and then came home and Kurt helped to put up a piece of sheetrock on the kitchen ceiling.  Dad should have the sheetrocking job finished tomorrow.  We’ve arranged for someone to come on Thursday and texture the walls to match the texture we have throughout the house.  We are hoping on Friday to put the first cabinent in.  The new lights look great, dad did a wonderful job on them.  We will actually be able to leave as soon as we hear a good flight.  So far they are all going to places that don’t sound great (Elmendorf Alaska).  They had one to Hawaii on Wednesday, but it got canceled.  We couldn’t go then anyway. 

 By the way, thanks for doing this Mark.  This is going to be really useful to us all.  I hope to see lots of posts here in the next few days.

Welcome to the Abersold family blog!

Not much here yet, but the blog is indeed live. I’ll tinker around with the interface when I get a chance – in the meantime, feel free to create accounts. I think I need to approve them before anything can be posted, but I can do that pretty quickly.

Let me know if you like this software. If not we can always try some different blogging software.