Turner started feeling sick this afternoon. Lethargic actually. It was AWESOME. He just laid around and didn’t even care if he was watching TV or staring into space. He started running a fever but it wasn’t bad so we didn’t treat it. Tonight just before 8, as I was walking into the house from Pack Meeting, Turner started having a seizure. It lasted a couple of minutes and wasn’t too bad. I wasn’t even really too upset about it since we’ve experienced this before and it didn’t have a lasting effect on Regan (she was about 2 or 3). He never perked up afterwards, so I cleaned him up and laid him in my bed. About an hour later (and a Priesthood blessing and several cute prayers by his siblings) he had another seizure. The second one was longer than the first. It seemed to go on forever. Realistically it probably wasn’t more than a couple of minutes, but it felt like half an hour! After the second seizure, we decided that we should take him to the hospital. So Dix got him all loaded up and they left just after 9. Turner perked up a bit after the second seizure and could actually speak coherently. He was not too upset–who knows how much of this evening he has any memory of. I’ll update tomorrow. It’s probably nothing that a little Tylenol can’t handle.

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  1. Let us know what they say. I’m not worried, but would like to know how he is doing. We’ll try and call you this evening. We’ll keep him in our prayers. I’m glad that his siblings were all praying for him.

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