Tomorrow is moving day.

We are in Vilseck in ACS.  We have just finished with our last visit and are getting ready to go back home to pack up.  We will be able to get the keys tomorrow and are looking forward to moving into our new place.  The Elders Quorum is ready to help us move our beds.  That will be the only really hard thing we have to move.  We hope we will be able to move our bikes over by riding them.  The rest of the stuff we should be able to move over in two or three trips.  The only thing that changes will be our German address.  Our current mailing address for the APO will remain the same.

We met two new members of the ward today, they are both Dentists.  Well, we didn’t meet the dentists, but we met the wives.  They have 6 more children for the primary.  One of the families is moving to Netzaberg and the other to Weiden.  We are excited, our ward here is getting really big. 

We won’t be making any more visits today.  We will be moving all day tomorrow and on Saturday.  Our mission president will be visiting us at our new place Saturday evening.  We plan on going to a restaurant with them, then they will drive back to Munich that night.  Hopefully they don’t have to go far on Sunday morning.

We hope we have a cooler day tomorrow to move, it feels like we need a good thunderstorm.  We had a little thunder last night and some rain, and a little thunder today with just a few drops.

We will try calling on Sunday, but since we won’t have a phone in our new place we will go to the old place and call from there. 

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