Dance Festival

I can’t believe the dance festival is over! It has been months and months of practice (7 months, to be exact), and loads of fun for the kids. And it’s over. Regan and I went last night to the first performance. It definitely had a lot of glitches, but we didn’t mind. We loved it!

On our way home, I stopped at DQ to get treats for Regan and Hayden. As we were pulling out of the parking lot, something started clicking under my hood and my power steering went out. I managed to get the Suburban into the parking lot of a gas station that was through the intersection. I don’t have a cell phone, and Hayden hadn’t brought his, so I did it the old fashioned way. I called collect. Dix answered my call, called a friend that was at the dance festival, we called a tow truck, and a couple of hours later we arrived at home. It was an ordeal, but since Sandy saved my hide, it wasn’t terrible. Cooper was awake and ready for his mommy by the time we got home–which was well after midnight!

Dix took Landon to work with him today and then they went to the matinee of the dance festival on their way home. They both enjoyed it as well. When Regan found out that there was another performance tonight, she begged me to let her go. So we carpooled up there with Dale and we met Mark there. Porter went with us as well. It was a way better performance this time, although we didn’t have as great of seats. The lighting in there was not very good for taking pictures, so unfortunately I don’t have many. This one is at the very end where all 2500 kids were on the floor. Wow, was it loud.

Now to fix that Suburban…

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  1. The way I found Hayden during his number was… I looked for the kid doing the best push ups! When I found that, he started doing sit ups, and I thought, “boy that kid is sure getting into those! That’s GOT to be Hayden!” Then he turned around and sure enough… it was Hayden!

    We loved the performance as well! Lots of kids, lots of fun!

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