Olympic Athlete

This month’s New Era featured several youth and young adults that have excelled in various sports.  Many of them have competed at international levels.  After reading it, Hayden has suddenly gotten inspired to train for the 2012 Olympics.  He said that he wants to compete in the triathlon.  He hasn’t actually competed in one yet, but has already set his sights on the Olympics. 

If anyone has the drive to do it, it’s Hayden.  He’s a stud muffin.  He’s also planning on doing the STP next summer, hopefully in one day.  Anyone else in on that?

4 thoughts on “Olympic Athlete”

  1. Yeah, I’m planning on doing the STP next year. Although I was tending more towards the two-day option.

    But ‘afore that, I’m sure that we could do a local 50-miler or two…

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