Joyful Moments

Usually life is busy, hard or monotonous.  But luckily we have joyful moments here and there.  I’ve had a couple lately.  Last weekend when we were camping, Landon and Regan were walking from our cabin to the ward campfire area.  I was walking about twenty feet behind them (not holding the camera!).  Regan had her arm around Landon’s waist, he had his arm around her shoulders.  It was so cute and sweet.  They are best friends and aren’t afraid to show it.  It “filled my heart with joy.” 

Another one was yesterday when I was at the school cheering the kids on at their fun runs.  I was standing with the other moms, waiting for Porter’s class to start running.  He saw me from about 50 feet away, did the best smile EVER, and gave me a little wave.  Something about his smile just warmed me through and gave me such a surge of joy.  And to think that I almost didn’t go for his because my day was so crazy and I really didn’t have the time to be there! 

The other day Turner was hiding behind a bed and kept popping up and throwing a toy.  I was holding Cooper near the bed.  Everytime Turner would pop up and throw the toy, Cooper broke out into the most contagious laugh.  Soon Turner, Cooper and I were all laughing and we attracted a couple other siblings to watch the show. 

Hayden had his school band concert on Thursday night.  They played really well and we enjoyed listening to them (not something that I would’ve said a couple of years ago).  On Friday at school (this was related to me by Hayden, who has been known in the past to be very truthful) the band teacher was going through the class complimenting each of his students.  He said things like, “You have great potential,” or “You are an excellent trombone player.”  He told Hayden, “You are the best french horn player I’ve ever had in my 22 years of teaching.”  So either he hasn’t had very many french horn players, or Hayden has really brown nosed him this year (a very real possibility), or else Hayden is really good.  He wants to take up trumpet next year so he can be in the jazz band, but I think I’m vetoing that one.  An hour and a half of violin every day, a half hour of french horn, plus a half hour of trumpet, plus rehearsals for the french horn (not to mention violin lessons and orchestra rehearsals) is a bit much.  So we’ll stick with two instruments. 

So although it’s been a really hard week and we’ve had lots of moments that were frustrating, we’ve had lots of moments of joy in between.


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