Our Weekend

It’s beginning to feel a lot like summer…everywhere we go.  We have several warm days, then some cool days, then warm days again.  It’s great. 

We went on the Stake campout on Friday afternoon.  We had a great time playing in the lake, doing archery, etc.  Landon and Hayden both played their violins at the evening talent show for our ward.  That was really fun.  Brother Hohaia (Dale, do your thing) led us in some singing, and we had s’mores.  Good time.  Mom, I emailed you a link to Laurie’s pix, I’ll get mine downloaded tomorrow maybe. 

Sunday was good.  We had the Falters over for dinner.  They’re in the middle of a move.  Then Dix and Hayden went to a fireside at the Clarks.  We are starting to feel more included in the ward, except for Hayden.  The youth seem to be really cliquey (is that a word?) and seem to go out of their way to exclude him.  At the campout he kept trying to be included, but no one seemed interested in talking to him so it was really sad.  But at least Porter made a friend and had a great time with him. 

Monday:  Dix and Hayden put up the flags for Memorial day.  We didn’t go to the thing at the church.  Then Dix fixed his truck that had been making some funky sounds.  Then Dix and Hayden went to the Falters to help them move, while I did housework and fixed a bunch of food for the potluck BBQ after move party.  Hayden had a great time playing with the kids from Lacey 3rd ward.  He was immediately sucked in to their group and they had a great time playing ultimate frisbee, and then went to the park, and they all played all afternoon (after working hard of course).  Wish the kids in 1st ward were that welcoming.  Dix got most of the beds put together at the Falters, then he headed home to do some work here.  He got the deck babyproofed and we did some yardwork before he and Hayden headed back out to pick up the flags.  It took them a couple of hours to get it all done and put away.  So we’re all pretty tired tonight. 

Cooper is officially crawling now.  I had to put up the baby gate today.  What a cutie.  He’s slow, but slow and steady wins the race.  Right?  He also started clapping his hands all the time.  Yesterday it looked like he was playing rock, paper, scissors and then last night it evolved into clapping.  He got passed around a lot today at the Falters and didn’t seem to mind too much except for when I would walk past him and then he would want me. 

Turner enjoyed the 5 acres of the Falters new lot.  I think he peed on pretty much every bush and tree there.  He also peed on the backhoe.  He loves peeing outside.  At least he’s house trained.  This morning he went out the front door and peed on the front porch.  What a guy.

This morning Landon went over to Kurt’s to go “hang out.”  He found candy and Kurt gave him a soda so he thought he was big stuff.  I sent Porter to go pick him up when it was time to leave, but Regan and Turner followed him and then they didn’t come back for half an hour.  They sure had fun.  Landon went over there last night, too, and was sad that I called for him to come back right before Kurt was going to make him a burger.  He told me that Kurt and him just “talked and then watched some TV.” 

When we were doing our yard work this afternoon, Bishop Brown was out doing some of his own.  Regan skipped on over and talked his ear off, following him around as he worked.  Next thing we knew, she was carrying his watering can and (still talking) helping him water his plants.  She sure enjoys our neighbors. 

I have lots of pictures, so I’ll probably try to get on that tomorrow.  I am going to be helping Sandy clean her house this week though, so I’m going to be busy.  I guess I’ll just need to be more efficient!

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