Am I that old?

Today instead of the same breakfast that we have had almost every day since we got here dad made pancakes and bacon for me.  Everything was great except for the weird flavored hot chocolate.  I guess h-milk doesn’t make the best hot chocolate. 

We left slightly later than we had planned because Jackie called and told us that they were taking Marilyn to the Dr. because she had a tick.  It is right behind her ear.  They pulled most of it out and just the front burrowing part is left.  Marilyn was fine and was happy to see us.

We decided to take them to the botanical garden which was very close by.  I told Jackie that Kurt loved going to the botanical garden in Berlin to see (and hear) the bamboo growing and to play with the turtles in the pond.  We parked the car and took the long way around the bahnhof to get to the garden.  Dad forgot the camera and while he ran (walked) back to the car we were waylaid by a women who noticed my namenshild (name tag) and started this long story in very poor English, that made no sense.  Jackie edged away from me so I was on my own.  Dad finally showed up and we left her there.  I still have no idea what she wanted.

There was a farmers market in the square and we enjoyed walking through looking at the fresh garden produce, but didn’t buy anything.  We entered the garden and had a great time letting Marilyn take whatever paths she wanted.  We followed along behind.  They have a nice greenhouse with a room for cacti and the other rooms full of tropical plants.  Jackie took lots of pictures.  Many of the plants were in full flower so it was a treat for the nose as well as for the eyes.  We made it through without getting wet or falling down. 

We thought it would be fun to take Jackie to this restaurant close to the church so we set the gps for the church and then found the road that we took before, we had to ask for directions but found it easily enough.  This is the one that serves huge schnitzels, the Drei Linden.  Jackie ordered fried brie and we ordered one spargel schnitzel (really two very large schnitzels the size of platters) for the rest of us.  Jackie didn’t think Marilyn would eat much but she really chowed down.

We drove back to Jackie’s aunt and uncles house, but went into the store across the street first to buy some snacks for the way home.  Jackie gave us some domino stein, which are a Nurnberg specialty I guess, they are yummy and we will have to find some the next time we are there.

We hugged the girls goodbye and headed home, we bought cheaper gas in Erlangen at a station where everyone else wanted to get gas too.  It was a wait, and we got honked at for being in the street waiting in a line, but we will do anything to save 6 euro cents per liter.  That is 36 US cents a gallon cheaper.  That means that gas was clear down to $9.13 a gallon or so.

We are now at a neighbors house using their internet while they are in the states.  We’ve had a grate day, but don’t know what we will be doing tomorrw, besides the usual cleaning the apartment and washing our clothes.  Hope we can get some appointments.      

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