Wow, do we love Barbara.  Hayden has progressed so much since we’ve been here!  He’s practicing an hour and a half a day!  And today played even longer…just for fun.  He really wants to join the Olympia Youth Orchestra, but I’m not excited about it.  Mostly because it’s just another night a week!  So here’s our current schedule:  Tuesday:  Landon–Cub Scouts, Wednesday:  Dixon, Hayden, Porter scouts, Hayden violin lessons, Thursday:  Landon violin lessons, Landon group lessons.  So add Monday night orchestra rehearsals and we have very few family evenings at home.  We will probably end up doing it because I think it’s important, but maybe not until September.  Landon is now going to group lessons and loves them.  He’s very social and has become friends with many of the kids there.  Particularly the two Aubreys:  Aubrey Warren (Carie and Craig Warren’s daughter) and Aubrey Martin (Marie Nelson Martin’s daughter).  They both go to his school and they all know eachother and they can get pretty silly.  Landon is progressing very nicely on his violin, too.  He’s enjoying it too.  Barbara moves him along quickly enough that he’s not getting bored and now that he’s in group lessons he wants to be able to play more songs so that he can participate more.  Regan went tonight to watch and now…she wants to start taking lessons.  There’s worse things, I guess (she also wants a pony!).

We printed out birthday party invitations tonight for Landon.  His “friends party” will be next Friday, on his actual birthday.  There is no school that day, so that is pretty cool.  We’re going to do a treasure hunt instead of a pinata.  I’ll have the big boys help me make a map and then we’ll go out and bury a box full of candy and toys.  Landon is very excited about that. 

Tomorrow night is the BYU folkdancers.  Regan and I are going together.  We’re going to dress up fancy and do our hair and makeup together before we go.  Should be fun.  She’s pretty excited.  She’s been counting down the days.  

Dix got a boat for free the other day.  He was looking at Craig’s List and found it listed.  It was at a dealership a few minutes from his office. So he went to look at it and told him that he didn’t have a trailer and asked if they had one that he could borrow to get it home.  They ended up giving him a trailer for the boat for free, too!  So he’s been wanting to build a boat from scratch, but now he’ll just fix up this other one.  All I can say is…at least it was free! 

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