It’s really me this time.

I am shocked that dad was too lazy to sign in.  We are doing well, though dad has had a cold and I have a little tickle in my throat.  We have been in a very good routine of working out in the morning and then going out all afternoon.  Yesterday we had a district meeting in Bayreuth.  It was an expanded district because the zone leader in another zone went home a week early because he tore his knee doing stretches.  There is now a drit (threesome) in that district so the three of them came to our meeting.  We had a great time teasing Elder Symonds who is going home before the next meeting.  We also took pictures.  The missionaries enjoyed the treats that we always bring.  They like having an ehepaar (senior couple) in the district.  They only like us because we bring treats though. 

We dropped by Sister Cannons on the way back, she lives in Auerbach.  Her children love us and call us grandma and grandpa A.  They are so cute.  Grandpa A gave Ilana a blessing because she has been sick.  We left them some pictures to color and then left for Vilseck.  We tried to visit the chaplain, but he was just leaving.  We have an appointment with him on Wednesday but wanted to check out where the chapel is.  He didn’t seem as warm as Col. Hillis was.  We then dropped by Nebekers who had a child hospitalized because of RSV and talked to her for a while.  We had a dinner appointment with the Bingham family.  He is a dentist and they have two very cute little girls.  The youngest is Rose’s age and the other will be 5 this fall.  We had fun getting to know them.  They are interested in how they can help the ward, so we gave them a few ideas.

Our next appointment was with Jose.  Brother Pomares picked him up and we went to the Pomares home to meet with him.  They had had him to dinner, yeah!  We had a nice discussion with them and then went over the baptismal questions and set a date, next Saturday.  We will have the district leader here to interview him on Friday.  Now we have to see if we have the Vilseck Post Chapel.  If not we can go to Nurnberg, or we can do it in any number of lakes in the area.  Dad won’t be doing the baptizing, so it is okay with us.  Jose’s friend, Paul Rangel will be doing it. 

He will be confirmed the next day, and receive the priesthood.  He doesn’t know when he will be sent home, but we feel like it is very soon.  We are so excited for him.  The Pomares, also from Puerto Rico, found the ward he will be living in and will call the bishop and talk to him.  Jose will be getting out of the army and will be without  pension and a job, but at least he will be with his family and have church resources to help him.  He is a great guy. 

This has been long and I am sure I have left some stuff out that you guys would like to hear.  Love you all.

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