Only 11 more days…

Landon has been counting down to his birthday for about a week now.  Today in the car on the way to school he said, “Tomorrow will be 10 days to my birthday and I’ll start the countdown.”  Ummm, haven’t we been counting down already?  Silly boy.  I can’t believe he’s almost 8! 

Today was a very quiet day for me (as quiet as a day can be with six kids that aren’t very quiet).  I got the whole house picked up including bedrooms.  It looks grate.  I decluttered my kitchen counters and did three loads of dishes.  (It was partially clean up from last night’s shindig)  We had a good and short FHE.  We all said two nice things about the person to our left.  The kids kept trying to get away with things like, “She’s my favorite sister,” or “He’s nice.”  It took a while, but we ended up with some nice compliments.  We played Life for activity.  It took way longer than I had planned, so we quit halfway through and counted up the money.  Landon won.  Regan kept taking her car off the board and playing with her children.  I was the banker and the nagger.  Dix was just watching and on Landon’s team.  He was laughing the whole time because it was so ridiculous with our ADHD kids trying to take turns and Regan nurturing her little plastic children.  It soon ended and I read a few chapters of “On the Banks of Plum Creek” to Landon and Regan and got them to bed.  Oh, in case you were wondering, we put Turner and Cooper to bed before the activity so that we could actually enjoy it.  Which we didn’t, but probably more than if they had been up.  Hayden and Porter headed downstairs to listen to “Fellowship of the Ring” on tape. 

Tomorrow is story time at the Lacy I mean Lacey library.  My kids think it’s their cousin’s library.  Other than that, I should be home plugging away on laundry and whatever else I decide to do. 

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