A new Week – really by Dad, but too lazy to sign in.

Sounds like a great dinner and party yesterday.  That was the first Sunday we didn’t have a dinner apppointment, but we didn’t starve.  

We have had a few interesting days since we got internet blackout for the weekend. We hope we get internet in the next three weeks as our landlord is TDY to the states and his wife may not be as good at getting the modem to us for access. She did get us the modem on Saturday just as we got home from some chores, but we had to leave to go to stake conference before we got a chance to use it. So, with that introduction, here it is.

There were two sisters that we have tried to contact since we got here, but discovered we had bad phone number. We were able to reach both on Friday. One had us to lunch and then we met with the other. The first is from WA and got engaged within a few days for meeting this man. He came to Germany right after they met, so she came here and got married. She had a wedding dress, but never wore it as they were married in a courthouse, like Les and Dix in Holland. Neat girl. We met with a few others, but our 5:30 appointment was neat as it was not a dinner appointment, but as we walked in, we could smell roast beef. She asked us if we had a dinner engagement, but by my heavy salivating, she knew the answer. She is a really sweet girl, with no kids and a deployed husband. We tried to meet with Jose, but he was out of town on business.

Saturday was stake conference so we went with a couple to Erlangen, about 70 miles away for the PH leadership and adult session. About half of the stake is German and half American. All of the speakers were German high counselors, but it wasn’t as bad as it could have been. The evening session was a broadcast of the worldwide leadership conference, and we separated by language. After the conference, we went to a restaurant and had the biggest schnitzel I’ve ever seen. One full serving included two pieces at least 12 inches by 7 inches. Mom says bigger. We split an order and had leftovers – or would have, but some elders ate their portions, and ours.

Today was a broadcast stake conference in Graf. We had the chapel in English and the nursery in German. It was weird having Elder Neuenschwander speak in German, but have it translated by a German with a bad accent. I went to the German room for his talk. Also L. Tom spoke and the Gen Primary Pres. Concluding was Pres Uchdorf – again, I had to go to the German room. I can’t believe they had such bad translators. In Erlangen last night, we had fabulous translators.

This morning is district meeting and we hope to finalize the baptismal plans for Jose. Love you guys.

Send photo – developed, so we can show off our family.

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