Fun Party

Regan was invited to a birthday party today at a place where they take little girls and put makeup on them and do their hair.  She likes it, but wasn’t nearly as into it as some of the other girls.  We’re hoping the hairdo is still intact for church tomorrow.  I think I prefer her with sand in her hair and a kool aid mustache!  🙂

fancy-regan-010.jpg  fancy-regan-009.jpg  fancy-regan-011.jpg


2 thoughts on “Fun Party”

  1. The most adorable of the three pics is the one where she is making a face. Am I weird or are we all like that? I am sure part of the reason she didn’t think it was as fun as others is she is so young. Who cares about hair at age 4? Make-up is another thing, especially if you can smear it all over your lips. The other thing is her hair is so heavy and thick and she has had to deal with that for about 3 years. She hates it when she gets “rat’s nestes” in her hair and Leslie has to brush them out (or grandma for that matter). Cut pics Leslie, what did the boys think about her fancy hairdo and makeup?

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