Happy Birthday, Leslie.

I was the one who remembered it was Leslie’s birthday today.  I guess I am the one who gets to send her a birthday blog.  We had a nice long chat, but if anyone wants to call her later she will be at the RS broadcast.  Most wards also have a dinner before the broadcast at 7.  You can call her later if you remember, or if you don’t remember you can call her tomorrow.  She is having a grate day, even though her little rugrats got her up early this morning.  Dixon is off camping with the big boys and the rest of the scouts. 

You read about our cruise, we are also planning a shopping trip to Utah to get all our missionary clothing.  Dad wants to drive and I want to fly.  We plan on doing this toward the end of October and plan on being gone for a week.  We will also use this time to say goodbye to all our Utah relatives.  We will get some more time in Utah in January, my favorite month to spend in that state.  We plan on being in Washington all during December, unless we take the week-end flight to Utah once. 

We purchased a computer program today so I can improve my German language abilities at home before we leave.  It is a 300 hour program.  Between studying that and getting our house ready to leave and all the trips etc. we will be pretty busy this fall.  We are really excited to be going to Germany although I think I would have been more excited to go somewhere warmer than here.  I will be  sparing no expense in getting warm clothes, I may even purchase another set of long underwear.  I will definately be getting a good pair of warm, water proof boots.  I wish they would let me wear a snowsuit, I am not allowed to wear pants except on p-day. 

Got to go get ready for the broadcast.

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