Was that Germany or Hawaii?

Both.  Our mission is to Germany, but we decided a few months ago that if we went to Europe on a mission, we would go to Hawaii before.  I just booked an 11 day cruise around the islands in November.  We had some constraints, as Janet didn’t want to miss any holidays.  Okay, I couldn’t meet that restriction – we’ll be gone on Veterans Day.  We leave on Nov 10 and spend a couple days in Honolulu, residing at the ship.  We go have three days on Maui and two days a day at Kona and Hilo and 2 days on Kauai and cruising around Molokai and Napali.  We will fly back the night before Thanksgiving.  It was really cheap – $600 each for 11 days, and the flight was relatively cheap. 

We are excited about this, our last chance to get warm, before heading to a cold German winter. 

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