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Dad had seminary security yesterday morning.  Our ward takes it every third week.  We have found there are very few who are available to do this, and of those available very few want to do it.  Those who are available are those who are retired.  There are some retirees in our ward who are not phyisically able to do it and then there are those who just don’t want to.  This is why every third week dad has seminary security. 

Dad had to go to a Dr. appointment at the VA hospital yesterday.  While he was at seminary they called to tell me his appointment had been moved from 9:30 to 10:30 or 11:00, and that he needed to go in before to get a chest x-ray.  It turned out that his Dr. had to go up to Seattle to take care of a parking ticket he had received on the VA grounds.  After his Dr. appointment he drove out to Sumner to pick up our cabinet doors and on the way home from there ran another errand.  In the meantime the elders showed up at our door with a flat tire.  Dad got home about 15 minutes after that and fixed the flat for them. 

Wednesday Dale had come over in the evening and smelled gas when he got out of his car.  He had a gas leak and so dad took him home on Wednesday night and we had his car in the driveway.  After fixing the flat dad got busy trying to find the leak.  He finally found it and went off to buy a part.  He ended up spilling about a quart of gas over himself and so was quite smelly, more than usual that is.  After a few well chosen words, none of them bad, he finally got it fixed and took a shower.  Dale got off the bus close to our house and ate dinner with us.  He was very happy his car was fixed, though I suggested he get it looked at by someone who knows what he is doing.  He chatted with us a bit and then left early in the evening. 

One of the errands dad ran was to go by the dentist office to pick up my prescription toothpaste.  While he was there Marcie Turner told him that missionary calls are mailed off on Thursdays, so if ours was in the batch that was mailed off yesterday we won’t receive it until Monday or Tuesday.  Dad emailed the bishop last night to have him call to see if our call had been made yet so at least we can know if we can expect an envelope next week. 

Yesterday was a very busy day.      

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  1. Boy, does your mother make errors in her blog. It was not a quart – maybe 48 ml. She was correct that I didn’t say the word “bad”. A few others perhaps. An no, Dale doesn’t need to get a second opinion. I fixed the dang thing. I fixed the bike tire, Dale’s car, and if needed, I can fix Dixon.

  2. Michelle’s parents got their call on a Thursday. She said that they’re mailed on Tuesdays or Wednesdays and usually received on Thursdays or Fridays. But what does she know?

    Dix has a phone interview on Tuesday morning with Steve Bell, the owner of Pacific Crest Cabinets. We may have an answer that day!

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