Trip Report

Yes, we took a short trip to the San Juan’s Monday and Tuesday and it was really fun.  Marilyn and Jake came by on Sunday evening and spent the night with us.  Dale, Kurt, Jackie and Marilyn came by to see them – Carolyn and Family had just left.  I felt a bit bad because Jake has to sleep on a chair, so he slept in the basement and Monday said it was very comfortable.  

We got up early Monday and headed north, with me at the wheel of the Town Car.  I must say that our Passat was more comfortable for me as I had a bad leg ache by the time we got to Anacortes.  We only had about a 40 minute wait before ferry took us to Friday Harbor.  The weather wasn’t the best, but it wasn’t raining either.  We drove around the island and it is very nice.  Other than that, we didn’t do much but eat.  I dropped the other three off right by a restaurant we had selected, parked the car, then found out that the restaurant was closed.  We drove to the second choice and had a nice Mexican meal – you know, it goes with San Juan.  We were going to do something that evening, but we were all tired and I was sleeping to Monday night football.  

We decided to leave the island on an earlier ferry, so we took the 10:45 job, then we drove to Whidbey Island and drove through the whole island.  It is really nice.  We had to take a little ferry to Mukilteo and we found a lovely restaurant for a late lunch.  We didn’t hit too much traffic on the way home, but arrived here around 4 or so.  Marilyn and Jake decided to head to Teresa’s so that Jake could take his water pill early Wednesday as they are driving out on Thursday to return.  It was a short trip, but fun.  Jake’s health wasn’t too bad, but he could do many stairs or any long walks.  

 Today we have been really busy with Janet getting ready for Activity day girls tonight.  We left the house at 11 and went to the church to do some laminating and after a hair appointment for Janet and many errands for me; we got back at 3:45.  We are well and anticipating a letter from SLC. 

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