Like mother, like son???

I was so excited for our first night of carpooling to orchestra.  Well, the first night that the carpool would be driven by someone else (besides, Dix, me or Grandpa).  So Hayden got picked up at about 5:30 and I proceeded to prepare for a quiet evening at home.  Until, at about 6:20, I get a call from Hayden who informs me that he forgot his violin and bow.  DUH!!!!  Who forgets their violin when they’re on their way to orchestra?  He brought his case, mind you, just forgot all of the contents.  He did, however take his music and a pencil.  He’s so well prepared.  So being the kind-hearted mom that I am (and feeling guilty since the orchestra has him on a scholarship this year), I loaded up Cooper and drove the 30 minutes to orchestra, murmuring the whole way.  Then I drove the 30 minutes back home, murmuring half the way, until Cooper started crying which drove my murmuring up a notch to something that I really don’t want to admit to. 

All was well in the end.  Dix finally made it home from work about 15 minutes after I left, so Porter didn’t have to babysit long.  We had a nice quiet evening after all, just not quite as much of it.  And now Hayden owes me an hour of chores for the hour of my time which he wasted.  I will use it wisely! 

In other news, Hayden and Dix are going on a campout this weekend.  Porter’s group was supposed to go on a campout as well, but it seems to have fallen through.  Porter got a 100% on his NE states and capitols (sp?) quiz.  He also got a 100% on his science test.  We won’t mention the spelling test grades…  Landon still loves school and is doing grate.  He’s still struggling with making several of his letters backwards (mostly p’s, but more recently d’s and b’s as well).  He’s doing very well in all other areas.  Regan wishes she was in kindergarten.   At least once a day she says, “I wish I was five.”  Her reading is coming along.  She tries to read every word that she sees.  At every stop sign (and I mean EVERY stop sign) she sounds out all the letters “sssss-tuh-ah-puh, stop.”  Turner gets excited at stop signs, too, because he sees his favorite letter, T!  He sees Ts everywhere, on store signs, (Target, Costco, Best Buy to name a few that he noticed today) on Exit signs in the chapel, on the paper towel dispenser in the bathroom at church, etc, etc, etc.  Cooper is really a good baby.  He definitely likes to be held, which kind of cramps my style a bit, but other than that, he’s very content.  He sleeps ALOT (like his dad) and enjoys a full tummy (like his mom).  He’s getting better at sleeping at night.  He only woke up twice last night. 

Speaking of night time, the time has finally come when we can open our windows at night.  By about 9 or 10 pm it gets cooler outside than inside and we can open our windows.  On Sunday night we opened them for the first time since spring.  We woke up at 5 am to a horn honking–not the beeping of a car alarm, but a constant honk like Turner is in the car laying on the horn or something.  Well, after some investigation I figured out whose horn it was (not mine, thank goodness), but apparently they were the only family on the street that DIDN’T sleep with their windows open that night.  The horn went off for 45 minutes before someone finally stopped it, or it just ran out of juice.  Meanwhile we closed our windows and went back to sleep. 

 I am still struggling with my skin.  I did fine yesterday with no major itches or rashes.  I did well for most of today, but tonight I am so itchy again.  I keep putting Benadryl cream on (maybe that’s why Cooper sleeps so much!) and it seems to work well, but I worry about overusing it.  Speaking of Benadryl, I think I’ll go apply some right now before I scratch my skin right off!

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