Busy Saturday

I’ve had a busy morning already today.  Dix ended up going to the scout training that is from 8 to 5 today.  I took Cooper, Turner and Hayden to Hayden’s Cross Country meet at 7:30.  I dropped Hayden off, then put some gas in the van since it was running on fumes.  We went back and Hayden was just ready to start his race which was 1 1/2 miles.  He isn’t a really fast runner, but he still did well.  He was in the second half of the finishers.  He was really dizzy when he finished, so since I forgot his water bottle we stopped at a gas station and got him a big water bottle.  Then we drove 30 minutes to his orchestra clinic.  He changed in the car while I changed and fed Cooper.  Turner sat in his seat the whole time without complaining.  When I got home I was happy to see that Porter had fed his younger siblings a delicious and nutritious breakfast.  They all had apples and chips for breakfast.  I get to go back to orchestra for a parent meeting and mini concert at 2.  Hopefully T will nap well because Port is going to babysit again. 
Hayden and Dix enjoyed the D-backs game last night.  Hayden said that the Diamondbacks hit four homeruns and he thought that was pretty cool.  When they got home at about 10:30, I was already long since asleep, and Porter was up waiting for them. 
There is a two ward adult dinner activity tonight, so at some point today I’m going to actually have to look in the mirror and attempt at some improvements.  We’ll take Cooper with us, of course, and we’ll have Hayden home to babysit, so he can actually put Turner to bed and maybe even get Regan to bed.  We will all go to church again tomorrow.  It may be my last week of not teaching primary.  I’ll probably teach next week again.  That will be interesting.
Hope you all have a great Saturday!

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