What he didn’t say.

It is good to be back in a climate where you can become more comfortable by adjusting how much clothing you wear.  There is only so much you can take off and still be legal.  On Tuesday morning the temperature was actually comfortable in Peoria.  We had the windows and doors open to enjoy the cool.  Contrast that with coming back to Washington on Thursday night to find the inside temperature in our house a nippy 62.  I cranked the heat right up.  I needed at least a few hours to allow my body to adjust.  All is well now.  I am sitting here in a sweatshirt and it feels grate.

We discovered on Thursday night that more info was needed by the missionary department regarding dad’s health.  So this morning he tried calling the person who was asking for the information.  She wasn’t in, so we left a message and got busy with our errands.  The errands included a visit to Madigan to get blood pressure taken by a medical professional.  Of course you read about that already.  We also did some shopping and tried to go out to Pacific Crest to get our cabinet doors.  We dropped by Costco on our way home.  We were glad to have a message from the sister at the missionary deparment when we arrived.  Dad talked to her and got everything cleared up.  Our experience has been really helpful to all the older couples in our ward.  They now know what to anticipate when they do their missionary applications. 

Tonight I made some delicious teriyaki chicken.  We also ate some of the beans out of the garden.  They are huge but pretty tasty.  I spent some time cleaning off the stove, and still need to wipe off the counter tops.  We were thinking that Marilyn and Jake would be dining here on Sunday night.  It turns out they will arrive at bedtime.  Since we usually eat before that we will not be hosting them for dinner that night.  We will leave early on Monday with them to travel to the San Juans for an overnight visit and some sight seeing.  This will be our last chance to do something with the Hildebrands until after we get back. 

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