Mission Call!

Well, not yet.  I did have an email from the Bishop saying Pres Turner got a call from the missionary department and they wondered if we would do well in Africa.  No, actually they said that I needed more medical checks because of my high blood pressure and that I needed a stress test.  Hello, I had a stress test.  Okay, I left a message for sister Batty and proceeded to Madigan for a blood pressure test.  It went well and didn’t take long, but to get a paper saying I had taken it was not easy.  I would have to make an appointment with my physician yada yada.  I finally got the guy to fill out a form and give to me.  When we got home I had a phone message from the missionary department and they asked if we would like to go to Africa – no, she actually wanted to know about my health.  I told her about my frequent trips to the blood pressure checker and about the stress test.  She was satisfied and would release our paperwork on the spot.  Good thing too – the slot for Africa was almost taken. 

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