Another 20 miles.

We rode again today in the hot afternoon.  We biked the shadier northern route of the Chehalis Western towards Woodard Bay.  We didn’t go all the way to the bay however.  We are planning our first longer ride for next week, 40 miles.  I guess we will do a 25 this week and maybe a 30, but mostly just 20 each time.  We are not training for a race, just trying to get some exercise.

I usually get a very sore spot on my back, close to my neck and have been trying different things to relieve it.  The best thing is to look down at the trail and not where I am going.  This is hard for me to do.  It does work and so usually I just ride right behind dad and trust that he is not going to pull a prank on me.  Should I trust him? 

We have another sunny and warm day for tomorrow, we shall leave in the morning for our ride.  When we got home today my face was very red.  That is the one thing I hate about me, when I exert myself I don’t sweat I get red in the face.  I know all you sweaters out there (sweaters?) think that would be a nice change, but you’ll have to believe me when I say it is better to sweat and cool off than to get red in the face and have people think you are going to pass out.

I have to go over to the church for a little while tonight, then dad has home teaching at 8.  Hope I get back in time.

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