A very good thing

Dad worked on the sprinklers yesterday and thought that he had the whole system tuned up and ready to work.  He went out this morning and discovered that he was very wrong.  He is now off to Home Depot to buy parts and will spend some time trying to get things to work the way they are supposed to.  It is a very good thing he is retired and has time to do those kinds of things. 

We took another 25 mile ride yesterday.  We were pretty beat last night, we were both pushing our bodies up out of our chairs.  I almost fell asleep sitting up reading a book.  I don’t think I am quite up to another long ride today.  The trail will be crowded because of the weekend anyway.  We may just do 10 miles.  I am hoping by next weekend a 30 miler will not be so taxing for us.  I get a sore spot in my neck and have to stop and rest it often.  Dad thinks I look up to high, he is probably right, silly me I just like to know where I am going.

We have Rose’s party at the Nadeau’s today.  I am looking forward to that.  I shall call over there and find out what she wants me to bring foodwise.  Then tomorrow Dale has promised me a delicious dinner for my birthday.  Wow, what a weekend.  Mark will be here tomorrow as well.  It is supposed to rain tomorrow, but then be nice for Memorial Day.  I think on Monday we shall ride our bikes to the Capital Campus and look at all the war memorials or something like that.

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