Mondays are always hard, but today was particularly hard for some reason.  We swam this weekend and we worked hard in the yard, so I think everyone was just pooped out.  We’re all hoping for an early bedtime tonight (okay, we’re not ALL hoping for one, but I’M hoping we all get one!) and a better day tomorrow.  It wasn’t a bad day, we were just all a bit sluggish.

 Regan and Landon started their second week of swim lessons.  They both love it.  I have them both signed up for another session, but I’m going to cancel it.  We can just practice swimming at home at our convenience–and that way Turner and I can swim, too!  I’m still keeping my fingers crossed that Regan will be able to make it on the swim team, but if not, oh well.  All she has to do is to flounder herself all the way across the pool in any stroke–recognizable or otherwise. 

Regan has had an itchy rash on her face and arms the last couple of days.  I’m trying to figure out what caused it.  It could be the cold cereal that I bought (it was 62.5 cents a box, I couldn’t resist), or it could even be the sunscreen I put on her.  Those are the only two things that I can think of that have been different the past couple of days.  If it’s the cereal then it will be hard to narrow down.  There were about 73 different artificial colors and an equal number of artificial flavors, not to mention all the other unpronouncable ingredients.  Why did I buy that stuff again? 

I leave for Women’s Conference on Wednesday.  I’m getting excited.  Regan’s excited for me to go.  She keeps telling me that she wants to sell me so she can get a nicer mommy.  Oh, am I looking forward to when she’s 13. 

One last thing–we finally got our counter top for our island today.  It is beautiful.  I’m so excited.  I don’t know when Dix will install it.  Probably not until the end of the week when he’s home with the kids.  Now all we have to do is the tile work (fix the six or so tiles on the floor that need fixed and the back splash) and the fillers and moldings.  It should only be six more months or so! 

Bath time!  Turner is barely recognizable under all the dirt, boogers and food.  All of Regan and Landon’s dirt came off in the pool!  Glad I wasn’t swimming in it!

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