Our day in court

Well, Mom and Dad now have a deadline to be home by: May 14th.  That’s the beginning of the trial of the young gentleman who robbed their house.  Mom, Dad, and I have been subpoenaed to be witnesses.

It would be my first time in a courtroom, although I actually doubt if it will go that far.  I’m thinking there will be a plea bargain and we’ll never get called in.

2 thoughts on “Our day in court”

  1. Dave was subpoenaed for a trial once, but he called to find out more details and they said the trail date had changed and they would contact him when they had more information. They never called him again, so I assume she plea bargained, or the prosecution (they were the ones who subpoenaed him) decided he wasn’t a good witness.

    Anyway, when will you know for sure if he will be making a bargain or not? Does that happen at trial?

  2. If there is a plea bargain there is no trial, she changes her plea to guilty in exchange for the court to alter the charges. (I don’t know why I would know that)

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