22 May, 2014 Dresden

We left Berlin for the day and headed for the beautiful city of Dresden in our little rental car. We had some traffic jams leaving the city, but soon we were going just fine. Our old GPS was working fine until it told us to exit the autobahn and take this other road. The autobahn signs said that Dresden was straight ahead. We went straight and soon the GPS showed us in a green field. I guess that section of road was newer than the GPS maps. Claire slept a bit along the way but was tired of being in the car seat when we arrived. We drove towards the city center and found a parking place. Dresden is a beautiful city that was badly destroyed during the war. When we lived in Berlin in 1989-92, much of the city was still in rubble. That has now been rectified. The destruction took place at the end of the war and locals think that the allies should have been prosecuted for war crimes.2014-05-22 01.45.53

2014-05-22 01.48.19

We found a nice place for Claire to crawl around and play during our long walk through the old town. We saw the Opera,2014-05-22 01.50.09


2014-05-22 03.13.45


2014-05-22 03.12.51the Palace, and the Frauenkirche. They had started rebuilding this magnificent church the last time we visited, 10 years ago. In 1992 it was still a pile of rubble. It is an amazing building now. There are many other historic and beautiful buildings throughout the city. We ate our lunch and had an ice cream snack on a bit of grass. Claire loves to crawl around and had a blast doing it. Mark and Liz don’t get too upset if she gets dirty.2014-05-22 02.55.20
We walked back through the city on our way to the car. Dresden is indeed a fantastically beautiful city. We started on our journey home. The roads were getting heavy and it took us much longer than the 2 hours Google Maps had said it would take. Regardless, it was a wonderful day and the weather was fantastic.
We weren’t finished yet. We got back to our apartment at 4:15, dropped off our stuff and parked the car, then took public transportation to the Olympic Stadium. We got there right before they closed down and they charged an admission fee that we considered too high, so we didn’t go in. Mark and I have been there to see an NFL preseason football game in 1991. We continued to Spandau and visited the Zitadell. We ate at a sidewalk restaurant and enjoyed Spargel, (white asparagus). We were exhausted by the time we returned home.

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