May 19 2014 – Copenhagen to Berlin.

Janet woke me up early on this Monday morning – saying “It’s almost 5 a.m.” when in reality it was almost 4:00. We slept for a while, had breakfast and then got on the Metro towards the airport. Although there is only one route, we had to change trains due to construction. We got to the airport just fine and got the keys to our rental car. We had to walk a long ways to the garage with the cars and once there, we realized that we needed a car seat for Claire. This meant walking way back to the office and then return to the garage. This little delay caused us some concern as we had to meet a ferry to Rostock. We came close to not making the ferry, but as luck had it, we made the connection with all of 5 minutes to spare. We were one of the last cars to drive aboard.

The ferry was very comfortable and we found some nice seats and enjoyed the view and had something to eat. We talked to an older couple from Sweden, and there were on their way to Italy for vacation. It was only two hours to cross to Germany and we were soon back in our car and driving on the German Autobahn. We navigated our way just fine with our old GPS, stopping twice for potty breaks. We were very pleased to find our accommodations with little difficulty. We parked our car along the street and moved into our room. There was a food store just down the street so I went there to shop. While walking around I heard some say, “Gutten Tag” but I ignored it until I saw a baby in a stroller who sure looked like Claire. We had our room on the 3rd floor and Mark and Liz on the 1st floor.

We were all hungry so we chose a place from the Rick Steves book and Mark led us there using subways. The place was crowded but the food was excellent and inexpensive. I had a good German meal and would have been happy to eat there every night. We returned to our apartment and planned the next day out with Mark and Liz and called it a day. We had been cool or even cold prior to this day, but it was warm. I only brought one short sleeved shirt. Big mistake.

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