Didn’t want to create controversy…

…but I have.  Sometimes you feel strongly about something.  You speak your mind and find out someone out there doesn’t agree with you. 

It used to be that you spoke out only to those people around you and then they could disagree or agree with you face to face.  That makes it a little easier to explain yourself further. 

I blogged about my grandson who is strongly affected by playing video games.  I also posted on facebook saying that I hate video games, a very strong word charged with emotion.  I should have said I strongly dislike video games, somehow that just didn’t convey my feelings.  Two of my extended family members disagreed with me.  That’s fine, I just wish I could have explained myself better, but that would take a face to face with questions and explanations. 

The thing that bothers me was the tone that was set.  They obviously use video games for entertainment and were trying to justify that to me.  I’ve already stated that people will believe what they want to believe even in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary.  I believe there is plenty of evidence for me to see that my grandson shouldn’t play video games ever.  If you want to use them, fine, you don’t need to convince me.   Nothing will ever justify the use of video games to me for this child.  This child has behavior problems that worsen when he plays video games.

You don’t have to justify or explain yourself.  I will not think that you are a bad parent/grandparent if you allow your children/grandchildren to play video games. I have never liked video games, much to my children’s dismay.  I always felt like they took time away from other worthwhile pursuits such as reading, playing outside and doing things together as a family.  I am sure that with a few controls such as type of game and amount of time spent that video games will not harm most children.  However that does not hold true with this particular child.  He shouldn’t ever play video games. 

I think when Leslie told me that he was sneaking into a closet with the Nintendo DS and playing it, I realized that this child has an addictive personality and he needs to stay away from anything that has the ability to be addictive.

They may be okay for you and your family, they are not okay for this child.

3 thoughts on “Didn’t want to create controversy…”

  1. Yes, I saw those comments. Each child and family is different. I limited the amount of time my children spent on playing video games when they were young. They were allowed to earn timeplaying video games by reading. As with all things in life, it should be taken in moderation. And if you see that it affects a child negatively, it should be restricted. Sorry about the controversy.

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