Taxes Filed!

I filed taxes with e-file this morning and the electronic tax reviewer will be busy looking at it on Monday.  Our refund is large this year since virtually all of our living expenses are deductable.  Next year we’ll have only half a year so the refund may not be too big.  But, we have enough money to do a few cruises or a trip to the South Pacific, or to New Zealand, or Asia, or…..

This day also brings January to an end – your Mom’s least favorite month.  We don’t remember it being this cold when we got here last year, but…  Tuesday is Ground Hog’s Day, and we’ll celebrate and hope the smelly beast doesn’t see his shadow.  I just checked the sun rise/set chart, we’ve already gained an hour of daylight since the day Dale and Mark got here. 

I had a chat with a fellow who is very interested in coming here to replace us.  This guy’s friend’s son is in our ward.  I talked with him and like me, he was worried that he would get bored.  Nope, there is more than enough to do.  He said the Military Relations folks told him to be ready to go to the MTC by the end of May.  If they did, and if they came here, we’d have an overlap, or they’d have to send us home early.  Or, we could double bunk with them.  We won’t start counting the days until we have our tickets in hand, so we still have 156 days.  Wait, I’m not supposed to count them. 

For our P-Day today we’ll (read I’ll) be washing the car and (read we’ll) be cleaning the apartment.  We’ve also got to do some cooking since we don’t have many dinner appointments next week.  I guess the members are getting tired of my gluttonous ways.  We’ve had a busy week with 15 meetings with members (9 less active or new members), 8 hours of library service, interviews with the Mission Pres. in Bamberg, which took 6 hours, and a lovely High Council Meeting.  Add in a PPI with the Bishop, preparing the weekly bulletin, working on MLS, a PEC, and block meetings, and you have a fairly busy week for old people.  Your mom looks forward with great anticipation not having to wear pany hose every day.  I expect she’ll melt them all into a ball as we leave and throw them into the ocean as we fly over.  Me with neckties?  I have a love/hate relationship.  I love to take them off because I hate to wear them. 

Love you Guys!

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  1. This the first time around for us through tax time. I’ve been told you can only have as deductions: rent, utilities and transportation expenses for trams, bus and trains. Is that about all? It does sound like you keep very busy. I know we don’t have much “free time” even on P-days. It seems as if people like to schedule things on Mondays. Today, however, our district is going to tour the FREY chocolate factory. that’s right up our alley because at home we have a seasonal candy business where we make chocolates, pecan rolls and other things for Easter. Our girls are running the business while we’re away. We used to do Christmas too, but we sold that part some time ago. I tune in to your blog once in awhile. Hope you don’t mind a comment here and there. Love ya lots. Elder Larson

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