It has been a year…

since we arrived in Grafenwöhr.  A year ago today we anxiously drove away from Munich with our junker car and headed North to our assignment.  That was quite an experience.  We  had a Google map, but we got lost within the first 20 minutes.  We followed signs towards the autobahn and Regensburg, but it took us way south before we started skirting the city headed north.  

The roads were a bit damp and the windshield got covered with road mist.  Some well meaning young elder had filled our windshield washer system with a solution that should have been diluted about 3 or 4 to 1.  When we used the washers it smeared the windshield like it was covered with oil.  After many stops at service stations to wash the windshield, we made it to Graf and were again lost.  Our apartment was in Hutten, to the south of here.  Eventually we found it and were aghast that the place was a mess.  Pilar, our land lady took us to the commissary where we bought $40 worth of cleaning supplies.  We spent the night in their guest room because the linen, what there was of it, had not been washed and the pillows were probably here during my first mission.  

Now a year has passed and we are in a new car and a nice apartment.  We have access to the PX and commissary, a gym, church is within walking distance, we have baptized 6 fine people and will soon baptize another. 

Life is Good! 


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