It’s warmer, and now we get rain.

It looks like every day this week we will have a mix of rain and snow.  Today we went out to a dinner appointment and got icy rain on our heads.  The roads are fine, but the sidewalks a bit slippery.  I wish we could have above freezing and sunshine.  We are trying to set up our week.  Tomorrow is very busy the rest of the week not so much.  Hope we can get the rest of the week set up tomorrow. 

Hope you all have a great week.  Tuesday is inaguration day, we will miss all of that.  Tomorrow is Martin Luther King day and all the soldiers are off.  I am surprised we got tomorrow filled up and not the rest of the week. 

Dad did a great job on his talk today.  He had several compliments from the members.  A member of the Stake Presidency was here and did some temple recommend interviews, so it was great for the members that needed that done, they didn’t have to travel to Nuremberg.  I didn’t have to teach Sunday School, the WML did that.  Hooray for having a WML!  We have a baptismal candidate on date.  That makes us happy. 

Work hard.  Do good.  Be nice.   

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  1. Sorry about your weather! I went out this morning and Shelby’s water bowl was frozen over. Brr. I think I’ll wait a bit before I go running! Love you guys!

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