Update on cycling and all about camping as seniors.

Saturday night, after my 13 miler, my legs ached so badly that I had to take some Tylenol.  Sunday morning my knees hurt a little, but I didn’t need to medicate myself.  Monday we went for a 15 miler and my legs didn’t get achy that night.  My knees still hurt some, but I know that will go away.  We have today to ride and then it will be harder because all the days after that in the 10 forecast have about a 60% chance of precipitation.  I am not a hard-core cyclist and don’t ride in the rain if I can help it. 

This Friday night I have agreed to go on our ward’s family campout.  Dale needs to be there and I need to show my support.  I am not a fan of camping anymore, although we went a lot as a family with young children.  It is a great way to take a vacation with children.  I will be taking my kindle, a blanket, a chair and an umbrella to the camp ground.  I will be wearing my rainproof walking gear and my hiking boots.  We will actually be staying in a cabin that has it’s own bathroom (a must for us older folks).  There is a queen sized bed and we will be bringing our own bedding.  Doesn’t sound much like camping does it?

What a spring.

This is a La Nina year.  Colder and wetter than normal.  There is a huge snowpack in the mountains, well above normal.  It has been so cold this spring that we avoided doing any yard work.  We really haven’t worked that much in the yard since we got back from Germany.  We cut the grass and Dale built a lovely retaining wall in the backyard.  We weeded and put in our vegetable garden.  It needed so much more.  This spring we are paying for our neglect.  Yes, five cruises and several trips to visit family members later we realize we have been negligent.

The solution of course is several days of sustained  work.  We finally got some sunny days that dried out the ground a bit and we have both been out in the yard working.  We go to bed each night with dirt deeply ground into our nails and backs aching.  It will take us the whole summer I’m sure, but we are making some progress.

Since the days have been warmer and sunnier we have wanted to go cycling.  My bike was stolen last fall and so I needed to go get a new one.  We went to the grand opening of the new REI in town and looked over what they had on hand.  I found a really nice Marin brand bike that was just perfect for me.  I don’t need a top of the line really expensive light-weight component bike.  I got a basic bike that I added fenders to.  I think I will get a rear carrier that I can hook a shopping basket to and then I can go shopping on my bike, the Olympia Farmers Market makes a nice ride.  I could also ride to the library and Fred Meyers.  Dale wants me to get ready to go on a 68 miler with him sometime this summer.  We did a 13 miler today, and I did fine.  I don’t know if I can do a 68 miler this year.

This has been a busy spring for us, and it won’t get any easier until after the 10th of June when Liz and Mark get married.  But it has been a good productive kind of busy.

I am looking forward to enjoying our lovely yard and many fun bike rides this summer.