For something a little more in the Christmas Spirit.

It happens way too quickly for my tastes, the lose of innocence in children about Santa Claus.  This year Regan, age 7, no longer believes.  She shared this with her mom this weekend and is now excited to be one of the “Big Kids”. 

I say, bah, humbug! 

There is something wonderful about seeing children delighted with the idea of Santa Claus.  On our recent cruise there were several members of FORBS (fraternal order of real bearded Santa’s) on  board.  I was tickled and took pictures of us with Mr and Mrs. Claus.  I was excited to talk to my grandchildren about them. 

Now that Regan no longer believes, I can see the handwriting on the wall.  She is now officially out of young childhood.  How many years before all of the grandchildren no longer believe?  There are 5 left under Regan. 

I have always delighted in the Santa Claus legend.  I love seeing the excitement in little faces and feel their anticipation in my own stomach (that’s where I always felt excitement).  Please, it needs to last a few more years for me.  

I need to remember that after that excitement and anticipation is over I can still feel the love of the Savior in my own life and that should be enough.  Childhood is so fleeting.

I guess I need to vent…

…so sorry.  I don’t mean to burden my readers with this.  Dale is tired of hearing it and I don’t like to go to my children because I don’t want to prejudice them about extended family.  They can make their own decisions regarding who they want to let into their lives. 

This is ongoing and so sad for me.  My siblings don’t get along.  I enjoy being with my sisters and my 93 year old mother.  I don’t hold grudges for things in the past, and if I did I would have plenty of reasons to not want to be with my siblings. 

My oldest brother doesn’t understand mother’s disability and chooses to think she is able to remember that she just told us something.  If she was able to remember things like that, she wouldn’t repeat herself.  It really bothers him.  He wants us to make her stop.

The other brothers annoy mom in different ways.  They are sometimes over-bearing and bossy.  She likes to feel like she is the boss in her own home. 

My sisters and I all agree that mom needs lots of help and support.  They can be a little alarmist about some things that happen and that is always hard for me.  I like to put perspective on things that come up and try to see things in a different light.

What I don’t like are the emails that go back and forth.  They are often harsh and sometimes bad language is exchanged.  Mother would not approve. 

We all have the same goal, just different ways of seeing how to get there. 

I hope things are resolved before someone is not here anymore.  I have my doubts, they don’t seem to care much about each other.  As far as I am concerned, I have been hurt so often that I am a little shy to get too involved with the bickering.