Funny Gifts 2010

So I created a new list of Funny Gifts for the Greatest Abersold Family Tradition, to be held Christmas Eve 2010 at Mom and Dad’s house in unincorporated Thurston County, Washington.

I started by taking last year’s list and shifting the list one spot.  I had to do a little shuffling with the list, as my original list had Kurt giving a gift to himself.  I arranged the list so nobody gives a gift to a person they have given a gift to since 2007, the year we revived the tradition.

The list is as follows:

Porter gives to Grandma
Hayden gives to Dale
Kurt gives to Hayden
Mark gives to Porter
Carolyn gives to Grandpa
Leslie gives to Carolyn
Dale gives to Dixon
Dixon gives to Leslie
Grandma gives to Mark
Grandpa gives to Kurt