Anything I ask…

Dale is a wonder.  Whatever I ask him to do, he will do it for me.  I am not going to put any conditions on that statement.  Even if I asked something unreasonable from him he would do it after I convinced him that it is something I really wanted. 

Recently Kurt, our youngest, decided he was ready to go back to college.  We are thrilled.  He needs to move back home in order to be able to spend the optimum amount of time studying instead of trying to earn money to survive.  After we shuffled rooms around I realized that I would have to move my sewing/craft room upstairs.  This is not a problem, Dale has been willing to do anything (as I said in the title) that I ask of him.  I told him that I wanted the closet refitted with more shelves and less rod space.  So he and Kurt spent a great deal of time yesterday to demolition and then rebuilding to my specifications.  I told them it would be too much to expect them to take their shoes off everytime they walked into that room (newly carpeted) so they have been walking in and out with shoes on.  Kurt says it is just weird to have his shoes on the new carpet. 

Dale is working on my closet refit as I write this.  Today he will do some touch up painting.  Later today he will cut the new shelves and install them when the paint is dry.  I will start moving my stuff in as quickly as I can.  It will be nice having my sewing upstairs instead of downstairs.  My old sewing/craft room will become the guest room.  Kurt will move his stuff into the guest room.  I am hoping that eventually I can move the stuff out of the fifth bedroom and use that as a toy/playroom for the grandchildren (and a sleepover room for visits from those same grandchildren as well).

I was thinking this morning how lucky I am to be married to a man who values me so much that he will spend hours on a project that I invented for him.  He would say in his typical fashion that he would do anything for me.  I feel so blessed.

Limited Time Offer

I have decided that I am going to be training for a full marathon this winter, so I won’t be training for the Black Hills Triathlon. I will, however, be available for a relay team if anyone wants to use my athletic prowess to their benefit. I can swim or run, or both, depending on what the other team members want to do. I just don’t want to train to do the full tri. Yet. But then, next year, for my athletic feat, I will be doing a half-ironman triathlon. So watch out.

Wind Up Here.

We have a store in our fair city called “Wind Up Here”.  It is a very unique toy store that we love to browse in.  Kind of expensive, but fun and local so one of our favorite downtown places. 

One day we had a bunch of errands to do and we were trying to coordinate with another family member.  We were explaining things to Dale so he could be in the right place at the right time.  I said that we were going to Wind Up Here.  He thought I said we were going to wind up here and so he kept saying “Yes, but where are we going to start?”  It was very funny when he finally realized that we were talking about a store when he thought we were giving directions.