Blame it on the yard.

I just noticed that I haven’t posted for a while and since we are leaving for a 10 day cruise on Friday I thought I’d let everyone know that I like to be outside when the weather gets nice.  Kurt and Leslie like to be outside most of the time.  Leslie chooses to run in the rain.  Kurt will camp in the rain, which is why I will make him some fire starters as soon as he gives me some sawdust.

But I am off the subject which is yard work.

I like yard work even though it is back breaking and gets you dirty.  I love turning over clumps of weeds and finding worms wriggling around.  I love pulling up weeds and planting flowers.  You would think that with all that love my yard must look wonderful.  It doesn’t and I will tell you why.  We have no plan for the yard.  We dig up stuff and plant stuff and then go somewhere else in the yard and dig and plant some more.  I think I need a professional to tell me what to do. 

While we are gone Kurt has promised to work on the yard.  We plan on paying him for the work.  The only problem is Kurt likes to work with other people around.  He and I pulled out a lilac bush that was out of control and it was fun (for me anyway).  He likes to chat while he is working. 

The other thing about the yard is I will get an idea and then I have to talk Dale into it.  Sometimes he likes what I say and other times he rolls his eyes around.  I wonder what that means?

Right now we have tomatoes, lettuce and squash growing in the greenhouse and peas growing in the garden.  The strawberries, raspberries and blueberries have blossoms and we have onions that are about 6 inches tall.  When we get back we will plant beans and peppers and maybe some cucumbers.  Oh, I have herbs growing as well.  I am hoping at the end of the summer I can make salsa from my garden bounty.  Besides eating peas and beans and squash. 

Next year I will get an earlier start on the garden.  I plan on clearing more areas and building up some raised beds…Dale is rolling his eyes again.