Welcome back to reality.

A vacation was just the thing I needed to make me want to be at home. 

Let me explain.

I thrive on routine.  I don’t mind if Monday is just like Tuesday.  I don’t care if the meals I make get repetitive (I cook what we like).  I never get bored and seldom have to look for entertainment (as close as your local library).  Traveling is stressful, especially when you fly tourist and you feel like you are loading onto a cattle car.  I resent it when someone checked a suitcase which weighed 53 pounds and my suitcase which weighed over 50 had to be opened in the airport and the load made lighter (who knew Dale’s cargo shorts weighed that much?).  They were flying first class (hogwash).  That is stress I can do without.  Remember here, we made all our flights, everything was on time, our luggage arrived when we did (always a surprise to me).  All in all a great experience and yet I was stressed out the whole day. 

You need  to also know that I have an itch to travel, there is so much I haven’t seen yet.  I’ve only just scratched the surface in Asia, and Africa, well one little city in one tiny country, it hardly seems fair to count that.  I want to visit all the continents, all.  Yet so far in my life I’ve only been to 4 (and I can hardly count the few hours we spent in Africa).  I think the hardest continent to visit will be Antarctica.  I’ve heard the waters surrounding that coninent are the roughest waters on the globe…but I still want to go (and before the ice completely melts too). 

Before we go on another mission, I am determined to visit another continent. 

So many places, so little time.  Thinking about another cruise. 

By the way, a vacation blog will be coming soon.  Hopefully with pictures.

A normal week at last.

It is back to our regular weeks now.  We had our normal Sunday meetings.  Dale was gone for most of the day.  I ended up riding to church with Leslie.  It is funny to have Dale be in the bishopric, I don’t sit alone however since I have my grandchildren all around me.  The reason I say it is  funny is because we recently returned from a mission where we were together all the time, but especially in church meetings. 

Monday we had a lot of things to do around the house.  We still needed to get the rest of the Christmas stuff boxed up and put away.  We had taken the tree out and put the ornaments away, but that is only part of what we had up.  I went visiting teaching Monday morning (yes, I have my visiting teaching all done for this month) and came home to see all the Christmas stuff taken down, and much of it boxed up and ready to put away.  My husband is wonderful.  We also found the time to go out and do some grocery shopping, it was a very busy day.

Today I prepared for scouts.  I found a really funny skit to perform at Pack meeting next week that used 7 boys and no props.  Wow.  I also spent some time trying to make invitations to Carolyn’s shower.  I need to back up and tell you that we had the Comcast guy here this morning switching our phone line over to Comcast.  After that Dale had to mess around with the Internet to get it to work again.  He was getting a little impatient with me and Leslie happened to call right then.  Everything was fine, really.  We just joke that whenever we get in a disagreement the kids always thought we were getting a divorce because we never fight about anything, ever.  So one of us always says that we are getting a divorce and that makes us laugh and then all is well.  So we joked with Leslie about that over the phone.  By the way where is our loaf of bread Leslie? 

When we got home from scouts Dale (our son) came over and had dinner as he usually does because he doesn’t get home from work in enough time to eat before he has to be at church.  He chatted with us a bit and then just left for home.  Kurt ate dinner with us tonight as well, but was gone when we got home from the church. 

Tomorrow I plan on getting the invitations for the shower sent off, do a little planning for the shower, read a book for part of the day, and sew.  This is in addition to all the housework I need to get done.  I also need to plan a meal for tomorrow night, and maybe watch a movie.  We just received the Planet Earth DVD today and I would like to watch it and send it back before we leave on Saturday for the cruise. 

That is what a normal beginning of a week looks like for me.  The end of the week is usually more laid back with more time for sewing and reading, my two passions.  We usually do our visiting teaching at the first of the week at the first of the month, which was yesterday.  I always have scouts on Tuesday.  Church is always on Sunday, the rest of the week is pretty open.  I like that, too much scheduling makes me crazy.  I didn’t like to fill my children’s lives with too much either.  I always felt that they would be better off with only one or two “other” things in a week.  But then again, maybe they aren’t that much like me.

A New Year

I want to do something a bit different for my New Year’s Resolutions.  I am planning on only focusing on one thing that I want to accomplish by the end of the year, instead of setting many goals.  It will be something different, and something I have never done before.

The trap I often fall into for New Year’s Resolutions is that I get overambitious.  Oftentimes the resolutions are for things I should be doing anyway, such as exercise, scriptural study, dating, career goals, being less of a jerk, and so on.  The result of this is that I have way too many goals to keep track of, and I neglect them.

I decided this year that I will not set any goals on any of those topics.  That’s not to say they aren’t important (in fact, they’re probably more important than my actual resolution).  But since those are things I always need to work on, I’ll leave that to my weekly and monthly goal planning.

So, without further ado, my goal this year is to learn to play a new instrument.  I already play the violin, and want to learn either piano or guitar.  I’m leaning toward piano, since I think that will be more useful (male piano players are frequently needed in church — think priesthood meetings, and I think learning piano would teach me more in general about music than guitar).  I could attempt both.

I’m not sure how to measure this goal for the whole year, but I know how to measure it for the short term – find somebody who can teach me, find a place I can practice, and start learning.  As I start to get into it, I think I’ll get a clearer idea for what my goal for year end should be.

So let it be written!  That’s my goal for the year.  I’m sure I will post on my progress throughout the year.

2009: That Year I Just Lived In

With the advent of 2010 upon us, I think it’s time to reflect upon what happened in 2009. From a personal standpoint, here are the highlights of the year:

  • Rang in the New Year in Vienna, Austria after seeing the philharmonic perform
  • Participated in my first ever Seattle to Portland Bicycle Classic (but didn’t finish)
  • Went on an awesome backpacking trip in the Olympic mountains
  • Discovered that cooking oil is flammable
  • Said goodbye to one of my best friends, who moved out of the area
  • Survived a harrowing week of moving several people, including myself
  • Met several awesome friends who I hang out with on a regular basis now
  • Welcomed Mom and Dad home from their mission in Germany
  • Climbed, biked, hiked, and skied my way through probably my most outdoorsy year in my life.
  • Shaved my legs
  • For what may be the only time in my life, I got to see my friend Laird with a look of sheer terror on his face (Note: not related to the previous item)

The most important thing I learned in 2009 was this: Anything that is worthwhile is worth taking a risk to get.