Fall updates.

It has been a while since I posted on the blog.  We haven’t been hibernating, rather we have been busy.  If we aren’t working on the renovation we are busy with family activities.  Dale and I have always maintained that we need to live our lives without regret.  For us that means supporting and doing things with and for our family including our extended families.

Recently we visited my mother and family in Salt Lake City.  My mother is the oldest of seven siblings who, until before our mission, were all still living.  I thought that was pretty remarkable considering that my mom turned 90 about 9 months before we left.  While we were gone two of my aunts passed away.  My mother had one sister left, my aunt Jean.  Unfortunately, on October 7th, my aunt Jean passed away.   Mom and aunt Jean were always very close, even though Jean was 6 years younger.  Mom always said Jean was her best friend growing up and throughout her life.  After my dad died when I was 11 years old, aunt Jean and uncle Bird became like second parents to us.  We spent many hours in their home in Wendover and in the surrounding desert where we would be taught how to hunt for Indian artifacts, how to fish, and how to have fun.  They had two sons and my sisters and I became the daughters my aunt and uncle never had (and the sisters our cousins never wanted, ha ha).  We loved Jean and Bird almost as much as our own parents.  They willingly included us all (there were 8 of us), and never made us feel like we were an imposition. 

I told you we visited my mom recently.  My aunt Jean lived in Salt Lake City, but we didn’t go visit her while we were there.  I now have regrets, what was I thinking?  I miss my aunt and her gentle wisdom.  I have three uncles left and I am not as close to them as I was to Jean, but I will visit them.  One lives in Ferron, where my moms family is buried and I saw him there.  One lives in Salt Lake and I saw him at the funeral.  One lives in Washington and we will go visit him soon.  I need to make sure I have all their memories recorded.  They were pioneers, they were a wonderful family.  I don’t want to miss out on their stories. 

Live life with no regrets.