A unique Experience

Today at Sacrament Meeting I got to do something I have never done before. The bishopric turned the time over to me for some stake business. I told the congregation that in my many years in High Councils and in Bishoprics, I had never done this. Then I said: “The stake presidency has released the following brother, if he is here, would he please stand. Elder Dale Abersold has been released from the stake high council. All who can join the stake president in offering a vote of thanks for a job well done, please signify.” There were bits of laughter.

A thought on Bavaria.

When we moved to Garmisch Mark was just two years old and was learning how to talk.  We moved into quarters and of course there are always a few things that need to be repaired.  We had workers at our house very frequently over the next several weeks.  They would ring the doorbell and then greet me with the Bavarian greeting of “Grußgott“, then bring in tools and start to work.  Mark was with me all the time and one of his favorite toys was a little tool set (handed down from his older brother).  He loved carrying the tools around.  Then he started saying something, would take out a tool and pretend he was fixing something.  I finally figured out that he was saying   “Grußgott” and then “working”.  I was reminded of this today when we abmelded.  The Bavarians always say  Grußgott when they greet others.

Yikes, time is going fast

A week from now we will have spend a night in Garmisch and will be on our way to Switzerland. Two weeks from now, you will be getting tired of us already, but hey, Friday night is Salmon night. Last week and this we are having our farewell tour. We will have visited over 40 families during that time and have and will have consumed some great food. I start to tear up (allergies mostly) when we say goodbye to these wonderful people. Dang it, allergies just hit me just now.

Today we have a lunch appointment and a dinner appointment along with three other appointments. Additionally, we will “abmeld” (un-register from the city) and close out our post office box, but hey, it was way underutilized anyway. Tomorrow we will start cleaning and washing clothes and packing. Sunday we have to speak in church and haven’t started preparing yet. We also have several appointments that day. Monday we will clean the place and move out. We will spend the night a friends’ place. Our replacements won’t be here for several weeks, so all of our plants will probably die.

Our plans are to make a farewell exit from this fair city on Tuesday morning. That evening we have dinner with the Mission President and may be released that evening or the next day. We will spend Wednesday night there too, and then go to Garmisch.

Love you guys – see you really soon.

Looking for a Home

I just received word that our owner is selling the house, so it looks like it’s time for me to start looking for a new place to live.  Details are sketchy at this point but I know for certain the cutoff date is the end of July.

So, I may not be coming home this weekend as I was originally thinking, I may be looking at apartments instead.

Good thing I didn’t spend any money on repairs like I was planning.

Next time…

I know I’m being silly, but last night when I was putting out the garbage (which included glass this time), I thought, “Next time when the glass truck comes, mom and dad will be putting their glass recycling out, too!

Sounders Games

So, I have tickets to the Sounders vs. Chelsea game (July 18) and am planning on buying tickets to the Sounders vs. Barcelona game (August 5).  Dale is already in for both games, but does anybody else want to go before I start offering tickets to friends?  They are more expensive than regular season games ($40 each as opposed to $18) but they are also against two of the best teams in the world.

If you want to go, let me know.

Getting Trunky

After our mission president said we would be released on the 24th or 25th – we started to get excited about the travel we will make here, and our return trip. We don’t have many clothes except for “Prosie” clothes, so we went out and bought a few things. Actually I got two shirts at the thrift shop and a new shirt and mom got lots of things. That was when I started to get trunky.

When we went to church today, we had dinner appointments for all but four days from now until we leave. After church we had dinner appoinments for all but one day. Last night we were at the Cella’s and they had a surprise party for us, with the “senior” members of the ward invited. There were about twelve people there and we were the honored guests. One couple gave us some Polish pottery that they bought that day in Poland, of all places. We were also given another gift.

Today at church they announced a special choir practice so that they could sing it on our last day, to “honor the Abersolds”. It is getting tough!

Today I called the Thomas’ from Switzerland. She was thrilled to hear my voice and immediately invited us to stay with them. I didn’t tell her that my former companion will also visit one day. While we are in Switzerland, we will visit Lauterbrunnen and go to church in Soloturn. We will meet my former companion on Monday, visit the Thomas’ then go to Garmisch that night. The following night we’ll be in Munich, and the following night in Lacey.

Love you guys.

I guess we will Come Home!

We had interviews with the mission president today and there have been some changes. They have the flu at the MTC so all the missionaries scheduled to fly to missions next week, won’t. How will that affect us? We aren’t sure, but we expect that the Toolsons will still arrive on the 23rd of June. So, the mission president plans on having a zone conference on the 24th and he will bring the Toolsons to Nurnberg. That evening we will drive the Toolsons to Graf and the mission president will follow with their suitcases. As it now appears, he will take us to dinner in Graf that evening and that will be our farewell dinner. He will drive us to Munich and we will then be released.

We will probably stay in Munich a day and see the city, then travel to Garmisch and on to Switzerland. We’ll come back to Munich on the 30th and then we fly on the 1st.

Here is the flight schedule:
1 Jul
Depart Munich at 9:50 a.m.on Delta 131 to Atlanta, arriving at 2:25 p.m.
Depart Atlanta at 4:30 p.m. on Delta 1059 and arrive in SEA at 6:51 p.m.

They have had the flight schedule in the office for 5 or 6 weeks, but don’t want us to get trunky. Since we will be released as missionaries, we can wear comfortable clothing – if we had any. We need to arrange travel in Germany/Switzerland, but we can’t get trunky yet. We’ve been busy and will stay so. We have dinner appointments every night but 3 between now and the day we leave.

Love you guys. See you soon!