Taxes Filed!

I filed taxes with e-file this morning and the electronic tax reviewer will be busy looking at it on Monday.  Our refund is large this year since virtually all of our living expenses are deductable.  Next year we’ll have only half a year so the refund may not be too big.  But, we have enough money to do a few cruises or a trip to the South Pacific, or to New Zealand, or Asia, or…..

This day also brings January to an end – your Mom’s least favorite month.  We don’t remember it being this cold when we got here last year, but…  Tuesday is Ground Hog’s Day, and we’ll celebrate and hope the smelly beast doesn’t see his shadow.  I just checked the sun rise/set chart, we’ve already gained an hour of daylight since the day Dale and Mark got here. 

I had a chat with a fellow who is very interested in coming here to replace us.  This guy’s friend’s son is in our ward.  I talked with him and like me, he was worried that he would get bored.  Nope, there is more than enough to do.  He said the Military Relations folks told him to be ready to go to the MTC by the end of May.  If they did, and if they came here, we’d have an overlap, or they’d have to send us home early.  Or, we could double bunk with them.  We won’t start counting the days until we have our tickets in hand, so we still have 156 days.  Wait, I’m not supposed to count them. 

For our P-Day today we’ll (read I’ll) be washing the car and (read we’ll) be cleaning the apartment.  We’ve also got to do some cooking since we don’t have many dinner appointments next week.  I guess the members are getting tired of my gluttonous ways.  We’ve had a busy week with 15 meetings with members (9 less active or new members), 8 hours of library service, interviews with the Mission Pres. in Bamberg, which took 6 hours, and a lovely High Council Meeting.  Add in a PPI with the Bishop, preparing the weekly bulletin, working on MLS, a PEC, and block meetings, and you have a fairly busy week for old people.  Your mom looks forward with great anticipation not having to wear pany hose every day.  I expect she’ll melt them all into a ball as we leave and throw them into the ocean as we fly over.  Me with neckties?  I have a love/hate relationship.  I love to take them off because I hate to wear them. 

Love you Guys!

We’re all better

It seems like we’ve been sick at our house for a long time.  Hayden was the first one to come down with it and he was sick right after Christmas.  The last few kids are hanging on to their lingering coughs, but other than that, we seem to be pretty healthy.  Turner seems to have recovered from his traumatic (to me) seizures with no ill effects.  He’ll be going to the doctor soon for his checkup so we’ll get him checked out to make sure that there’s nothing else going on neurologically to concern us.

I’ve been working out like crazy so that I will be able to participate in the Black Hills Triathlon (the one Hayden did in September) this year.  I’ve lost 8 pounds in less than a month, and I hope to drop many more before September so I don’t have so much of me to carry around!  I’m eating way better and feel so much better.  I did my first spin class at the gym today and I have to say that it about killed me.  I can’t wait for the next one!  When I can do the whole spin class without needing to take a break then I’ll be in good shape!

We’re hoping to have a family dinner on Saturday, February 7th.  Let me know if that date will work for everyone.  I think we’ll do a big birthday bash for all of our January/February birthdays.  That would be Marilyn, Dave, Turner and Carolyn.  Make some suggestions for a main dish and we can get started on our planning!

It has been a year…

since we arrived in Grafenwöhr.  A year ago today we anxiously drove away from Munich with our junker car and headed North to our assignment.  That was quite an experience.  We  had a Google map, but we got lost within the first 20 minutes.  We followed signs towards the autobahn and Regensburg, but it took us way south before we started skirting the city headed north.  

The roads were a bit damp and the windshield got covered with road mist.  Some well meaning young elder had filled our windshield washer system with a solution that should have been diluted about 3 or 4 to 1.  When we used the washers it smeared the windshield like it was covered with oil.  After many stops at service stations to wash the windshield, we made it to Graf and were again lost.  Our apartment was in Hutten, to the south of here.  Eventually we found it and were aghast that the place was a mess.  Pilar, our land lady took us to the commissary where we bought $40 worth of cleaning supplies.  We spent the night in their guest room because the linen, what there was of it, had not been washed and the pillows were probably here during my first mission.  

Now a year has passed and we are in a new car and a nice apartment.  We have access to the PX and commissary, a gym, church is within walking distance, we have baptized 6 fine people and will soon baptize another. 

Life is Good! 


New Presidents

Since we left the United States, a little over a year ago we have had the following changes in Presidents:

  • A New Church President
  • A new Stake President in Nurnberg
  • A new Stake President in Lacey
  • A new Mission President
  • A new Elders’ Quorum president in the ward
  • A new SS President
  • A new RS President
  • A new Primary President
  • and Now, a New US President.

Tenures for Presidents are not too great when we leave home!

It’s warmer, and now we get rain.

It looks like every day this week we will have a mix of rain and snow.  Today we went out to a dinner appointment and got icy rain on our heads.  The roads are fine, but the sidewalks a bit slippery.  I wish we could have above freezing and sunshine.  We are trying to set up our week.  Tomorrow is very busy the rest of the week not so much.  Hope we can get the rest of the week set up tomorrow. 

Hope you all have a great week.  Tuesday is inaguration day, we will miss all of that.  Tomorrow is Martin Luther King day and all the soldiers are off.  I am surprised we got tomorrow filled up and not the rest of the week. 

Dad did a great job on his talk today.  He had several compliments from the members.  A member of the Stake Presidency was here and did some temple recommend interviews, so it was great for the members that needed that done, they didn’t have to travel to Nuremberg.  I didn’t have to teach Sunday School, the WML did that.  Hooray for having a WML!  We have a baptismal candidate on date.  That makes us happy. 

Work hard.  Do good.  Be nice.   

Three weeks behind us.

I checked the records yesterday and the last day above freezing was Christmas day.  Yes, we have had three weeks of below freezing temperature.  That is all day long everyday for 21 days.  Yesterday it was supposed to get above freezing, and it almost got there, it got to 32 if you will note that is NOT above freezing.  Our apartment can’t keep up with the cold, or else the landlord just doesn’t want to pay to keep the house toasty.  It is usally about 67 in the hall and about 65 here in this room.  That is way too cold to be just sitting, which is what we do a lot of around here.  Sitting at the computer, sitting and studying, sitting and reading.  The only time I really get warm is when I’m cleaning and that doesn’t take that much of my day. 

Spring is on the way, I know.  Right now I’m just glad that January is half over.  Well, almost half over.  Today at noon this month is half gone by.  I am not sorry. 

By the way, happy birthday Marilyn.  I was going to type that in yesterday, but we came home so tired last night that I forgot.  I just crawled into my warm bed and fell to sleep.  Hope she had a wonderful day, being 6 is exciting.  Full day school next year!  Seems like she was three just a couple of months ago.

January Get-together

We’ve been trying to schedule a get together for this month but we seem to all have obligations on different weekends.  Dix works on the 24th, Dave and Carolyn will be at the Temple with Dave’s brother and wife on the 31st, Mark, I know you had something on one of those days but can’t remember which.  So the 31st, which Mark and I had previously discussed will not work.  Will the 24th work okay?  Yes Dix has to work, but he’ll be back by 3 and we don’t need him anyway.  🙂  I just can’t remember what your schedule is Mark.  And Dale and Kurt, we need your input too.  We’re voting for a Saturday this time because of Mark’s late meeting schedule this year for church. 

And as a sidenote, Turner is back to himself today.  He’s downstairs playing “Star Wars Clone Wars” on the Wii and as happy as can be.  Plus they gave him a teddy bear at the ER so life is good.


Turner started feeling sick this afternoon. Lethargic actually. It was AWESOME. He just laid around and didn’t even care if he was watching TV or staring into space. He started running a fever but it wasn’t bad so we didn’t treat it. Tonight just before 8, as I was walking into the house from Pack Meeting, Turner started having a seizure. It lasted a couple of minutes and wasn’t too bad. I wasn’t even really too upset about it since we’ve experienced this before and it didn’t have a lasting effect on Regan (she was about 2 or 3). He never perked up afterwards, so I cleaned him up and laid him in my bed. About an hour later (and a Priesthood blessing and several cute prayers by his siblings) he had another seizure. The second one was longer than the first. It seemed to go on forever. Realistically it probably wasn’t more than a couple of minutes, but it felt like half an hour! After the second seizure, we decided that we should take him to the hospital. So Dix got him all loaded up and they left just after 9. Turner perked up a bit after the second seizure and could actually speak coherently. He was not too upset–who knows how much of this evening he has any memory of. I’ll update tomorrow. It’s probably nothing that a little Tylenol can’t handle.