Update from European Vacation 2008-2009

The boys left us on Saturday morning at 9:30 headed first to Nuremberg and then on to Vienna.  They were excited to get started on the Austria part of their trip.  The train came and Dale said “Are you sure this train goes to Nuremberg?”  Well, yes, they have one train every hour and the only place it goes is to Nuremberg.  Later we found out that the train was full, and they had to sit separately which was a problem because Dale has the tickets, but the conductor never came by.  The train they took to Vienna left shortly after they arrived in Nuremberg but they made the connection just fine.  Continue reading Update from European Vacation 2008-2009

Offensive Gifts 2009

We decided to pick names for the offensive gift–I mean funny gift–for next year right now. 

Carolyn gives to Hayden

Porter gives to Dale

Dix gives to Mark

Kurt gives to Porter

Les gives to Dix

Hayden gives to Kurt

Mark gives to Grandpa

Dale gives to Les

Grandma gives to Carolyn

Grandpa gives to Grandma

Maybe I won’t be still working on it as the first person opens theirs next time.  🙂

Merry Christmas Day

As I write this it is almost noon here, but your kids are all in bed – hopefully.  We had a lovely breakfast of a German Apple Pancake, scrambled eggs with carmalized oinions, and bacon, along with a Winter Tea.  Yum. We opened presents and are now relaxing.  I’m going to try the GermKnoedel in a little while, then we will make some Christmas visits and go to a Christmas Dinner.


Here are a couple of photos of Rothenburg. You can click on them and go to my photobucket to see the others. I’m still way behind. Outside the Wall - Rothenburg

Wall Rothenburg

Love you guys.  Have a very happy Christmas.  We miss you, but will see you in less than 200 days. 



Just wanted to let you all know Dale and Mark arrived safely, but six hours late since they went through Barcelona enroute, but we met them and were off to Garmisch.  It was getting dark when we arrived, but here is a picture of downtown at night.




The next morning, after a nice breakfast, we went to the Hausberg and had a treat:



You may have guessed, it is a Germknoedel. Mom’s first bite:

 Germknoedel, first Bite


Since then we have visited our old home, walked the Loisach and visited Neuschwanstein, and a bunch of other places. We are very tired, so we’ll post more tomorrow.

Snowy Birthday

We had a lovely day yesterday, except that we had to get up after only 5 hours of sleep and go to Nurnberg for a looong Zone conference.  It was actually good, but we had a birthday party to attend at 5:oo and we didn’t get out of the parking lot until 4:40, and we had a new elder at the wheel!  Our hearts are barely back to normal.  He is from Britain and is a new driver – first time on the Autobahn – at night in the winter. Heart Failure formula.  We tried to call the brithday family but the phone didn’t work, so we were over an hour late. 


Here is the Birthday Girl – Mikayla.


Here is our Birthday Cakes. Mikayla made mine.

 Birthday Cakes


Is it winter here? You be the judge.

 Our Street The Frozen dead Winter is Here

SnowHow do we stay warm? Janet is very happy her feet are warm.

 Warm Feet, warm heart

Plus, a Christmas gift I purchased for myself this morning. It depicts the Old Church, the Rathaus, and the tower at Graf military base. Grafenwohr Winter