Fastest mile yet!

Wow its been a long time since I blogged so i might as well do something that is good.


Yesterday I decided to go run a mile so I hopped on the computer and acsessed Google Maps (because you can modify your route) and i plotted out a mile long course around Wedgewood. I had Porter time me on my mom’s cell phone and I went to the starting line. When started i sprinted out probably 100 yards, then as I was running I took long paces. Eventhough my paces were long I was moving my legs faster that usual. Then a couple minutes later I was on my final sprint back to the house. Porter held up the cell phone for me to stop and….  a time of 6:05. Just then I shaved about 21 seconds off my best time. But whew! I was huffing and puffing like the wolf.

So that is how I got my fastest mile time ever.

We can’t get here from there.

There has been ongoing construction on our street for a long time.  It is a typical German residential street with mixed use.  We have homes mixed in with businesses etc.  The school is very close to us, we are on Schulstrasse after all, but school has been out since the first of August.  Our part of the street had the final paving done the day before we moved our stuff here.  In fact we were afraid we wouldn’t be able to drive on the street, but dad asked the workmen and they said it would be cool enough by the next day and the street would be opened.  They were right, it was and has remained open since then.  The beginning of last week there was a worker who was cutting long straight lines through the new blacktop.  Sure enough yesterday they were tearing the blacktop up between the lines about 2 feet wide in strips.  They put some large cement stones down in the strips that had been torn up, but they closed off our street so we can’t drive on it anymore.  We went around the long way and came down the unpaved portion of the road so we could park in front of our apartment. 

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It’s not high speed, but it’s better than we had before.

We have Internt at the house now.  We are happy.  The young elders had to come over and get it going for us, we miss you boys for things like that.  It is not very good, when we are on the phone the speed of the internet is affected.  We will have to be very patient, but at least we have internet. 

Today we had two of our appointments fall out so we had a lot more time at the apartment than we had planned.  At least that gave us some time to be here while the two Elders fixed our internet, but not enough time to use it.  We didn’t get hme until after 9 and we have to be on the road tomorrow at 10 so we don’t have much time to enjoy it.  At least now dad can easily post pictures on the blog, and we can use our webcam to do some live talking.  I hope we remember how to do it. 

Tonight we were at the Steens home, they are getting ready to go to Paris for the weekend, I can’t believe that they had 4 missionaries to dinner tonight.  We had fun and ate a lot, including all the Mexican food leftovers that they had, Elder Sanchez loves Mexican food.

 I think dad wants to play around some so I will close for now.  We love you guys. 

And he’s off

Hayden just left for his week-long backpacking trip.  The good news is, it isn’t raining.  The weather forecast for the week doesn’t look fabulous, but it’s not too bad.  It’s only supposed to rain on Wednesday.  They went to Indian Heaven.  I have to say that packing for this hike was a lot different than packing for the grand canyon.  We didn’t even have to consider rain for the other hike, and packed very few clothes.  This hike we were mostly concerned with keeping warm and dry.  So his pack is about six pounds heavier than it was for the Grand Canyon.  Luckily the hike won’t be nearly as strenous, so it shouldn’t be too bad.   Plus he’s much stronger than he was a year ago.  Of course he eats a lot more now, too!  There is one deacon (Hayden), three teachers (Jacob, Spencer, Clark), and two Priests/Elders (Tory, Miller boy), and three adults (Miller, Johnston, Leigh).  Hayden is really excited.  Hope they stay dry! 

Our busy, busy Sunday.

Sometimes Sundays are a bit slow for us because people in the church are so family oriented on that day, and we are not their family. 

Yesterday was a little out of the ordinary.  We had church as usual.  Dad went to a meeting at 8:30.  We had a total of 8 investigators come to chuch.  Our Sunday School class was well attended, dad taught and it was grate!  After church we went to see Martha Raabe for her birthday.  Later that afternoon dad gave a priesthood blessing to a little boy about to start school whose dad is in Iraq.  We had a dinner appointment in the evening with a great family who live close to the Marianplatz in town.  Then we spent the evening on the phone.  We had to find someone to give a blessing to a baby that was in Regensburg hospital, we actually took care of that after the birthday party.  Then we spent several hours trying to find someone to help some members who are stranded in McGuire AFB in New Jersey.  We got another member family who have the internet and they found the name of the bishop and called him.  They are now staying in someones home until they can get on a flight.  Our job for now is finished.  All is well.


We have time.

Someone wasn’t home when we went to their house so we have a few minutes before our next appointment.  We haven’t been able to get to the blog for a while.  We still don’t have internet at our home and have no idea when we will get it.  Dad went to check on it this week and they said that there are many more people who have been waiting longer than we are.  That is German customer service for you.

We have been busy visiting our ward members.  Some of them are doing very well and others are struggling.  Their husbands have been gone for 13 months now.  We are on the home stretch, but these seem like long months to me.  We got several new families in our ward this summer and are excited that they are all active families, we don’t know who will be deployed when, but we expect it will happen to some of them.

We went blackberry picking this week.  There I was picking away in dress and hose, not a really good idea.  I think I will have to throw them away.  The hose that is.  I was pretty scratched up.  We are going back again and will wear pants next time. 

We are taking our preparartion day on Saturday and plan on a trip to see Regensburg.  It is about an hour away and we will spend several hours there and then be back in early evening for our appointment.  Regensburg is one of the oldest cities in Germany, in fact it was a Roman outpost.  We will ask people about places to go, things to see and food to sample before we leave. 

They are now cutting the pavement on the street in front of our house, the street that was just paved before we moved in.  We have no idea what they are doing.  Additionally we have found the workers show up each morning at 6:30 am to work on the street that is by the school which is just up the street from us.  German tax Euros hard at work.

We have been reading Leslie and Carolyn’s blogs and have enjoyed those.  I am wondering if the boys have blogs other places.  We don’t hear much from them.