Tomorrow is moving day.

We are in Vilseck in ACS.  We have just finished with our last visit and are getting ready to go back home to pack up.  We will be able to get the keys tomorrow and are looking forward to moving into our new place.  The Elders Quorum is ready to help us move our beds.  That will be the only really hard thing we have to move.  We hope we will be able to move our bikes over by riding them.  The rest of the stuff we should be able to move over in two or three trips.  The only thing that changes will be our German address.  Our current mailing address for the APO will remain the same.

We met two new members of the ward today, they are both Dentists.  Well, we didn’t meet the dentists, but we met the wives.  They have 6 more children for the primary.  One of the families is moving to Netzaberg and the other to Weiden.  We are excited, our ward here is getting really big. 

We won’t be making any more visits today.  We will be moving all day tomorrow and on Saturday.  Our mission president will be visiting us at our new place Saturday evening.  We plan on going to a restaurant with them, then they will drive back to Munich that night.  Hopefully they don’t have to go far on Sunday morning.

We hope we have a cooler day tomorrow to move, it feels like we need a good thunderstorm.  We had a little thunder last night and some rain, and a little thunder today with just a few drops.

We will try calling on Sunday, but since we won’t have a phone in our new place we will go to the old place and call from there. 

The Week Ahead.

We were over achievers last week, we made 23 visits to members.  I think that is a personal high for us.  It was a very nice week in spite of the one day when 3 appointments in a row fail.  We won’t have as many this week because we are moving.  Already one of our appointments canceled on us.  But we have found some others, so that is the way it goes.  It never happens the way we plan, but we always have visits to make. 

Today we thought was district meeting, but we found out late last night that because of interviews on Saturday there will be no district meeting today.  Of course the district leader apologized.  We had made a cake and dad said on the phone, “I guess we will take the cake to the members we visit today.”  He heard the other Elder groan.  I guess you don’t get cake when you forget to tell the senior couple what is happening.

We rode our bikes this morning then we had breakfast, showered, dressed and studied.  We made a few calls, though many people weren’t home.  In addition to our moving this weekend our ward is having a family campout.  We might go over for breakfast or lunch on Saturday morning.  We will spend most of Friday and Saturday moving our stuff to the new place.  We need to have the old apartment ready for the new elders by August seventh.

Can someone tell us why the task sidebar on the blog interferes with the pictures when you do a split entry?  It is a little annoying.  Fortunately so far nothing important has been covered. 

The end of this week is the end of the month.  I am not counting or anything, but sometime next week we will have 11 months left on our mission.  I am beginning to really miss being home.   

Olympic Athlete

This month’s New Era featured several youth and young adults that have excelled in various sports.  Many of them have competed at international levels.  After reading it, Hayden has suddenly gotten inspired to train for the 2012 Olympics.  He said that he wants to compete in the triathlon.  He hasn’t actually competed in one yet, but has already set his sights on the Olympics. 

If anyone has the drive to do it, it’s Hayden.  He’s a stud muffin.  He’s also planning on doing the STP next summer, hopefully in one day.  Anyone else in on that?

New yummy recipe from Victoria Williamson

We had this last night for dessert and it was amazingly delicious.

Strawberries, sour cream, slightly beaten, dark brown sugar.

Roll the strawberries in sour cream and then dip in brown sugar and eat. 

Very simple, very elegant, very delicious.

She also had some chocolate to dip the stawberries in, but we prefered the sour cream and brown sugar. 

Becoming a Locavore.

I just finished reading a book about living for a year only on what you can produce in your own garden.  It was a very good book and I enjoyed it.  It made me think about my own experiences with gardening over the years.  We have had vegetable gardens in many different places.  Virginia, Heidelberg and Washington being the prime examples.  Now I am thinking we need to tear up all the grass in the backyard and see how much we could grow in a year.  The best sunny spots are right up next to the house.  I haven’t mentioned this to dad yet.  He may be willing to get rid of the grass (and mowing) if we can harvest enough green beans and tomatoes to put some away for the winter.  Of course my real dream would be to have an acre to play with, to have some fruit trees and a big strawberry patch of my own. 

If any of you want to read the book it is by Barbara Kingsolver and is called Animal, Vegetable, Miracle.  I don’t know if I would be willing to keep poultry since most places are not zoned for that, but the big garden would be fun. 

I am now reading a book about new energy sources and it is quite interesting.  Maybe someday we can all get solar panels to produce our energy, yes even in the northwest it is feasible. 

This reading is in addition to studying Preach My Gospel everyday during which we look up and read all the scriptures that are mentioned.  Which turns out to be about 45 minutes of scripture reading each day.  We also spend some time deciding what message we will leave with the families we are visiting that day. 

We are at the ACS in Vilseck because our first appointment wasn’t home.  We tried to find another person but they weren’t moved into their quarters yet and they aren’t staying on Post at the Crystal Inn, which is the army’s version of a long term temporary quarters.  So this was the other option besides wandering around the furniture store. 

We had a fun dinner appointment last night with a couple who live in Freihung.  He is retired military and is working as a civilian now.  She is in the RS presidency and he is the stake executive secretary.  We had a delicious dinner and then talked for a while before we gave a message and came home.  Katie Gage was there with her little girl, her husband left for Iraq 2 months before the baby was born. 

Today we have a dinner appointment with the Pomares family, they are fun to visit.  The older daughter was in the hospital yesterday, so we are anxious to find out what happened.

This is too long, but we needed to use up some time.  Hope you all have a great day.

Today is Lacy’s birthday!  I know it will be wonderful.