Just the way it is.

We won’t get internet at the house anymore unless we buy our own modem thing.  I don’t think we will because we would have to sign a two year contract.  Oh well, this is one of the reasons I am looking forward to coming home: Getting real internet.  At least for our next mission I will know what to expect and be a bit smarter about preparing for things.  Figuring out communications has been harder than I thought.  Part of the problem is we never see our landlords to ask them questions.  

Things are good here.  Dad posted already and I don’t know what he told you.  I will close and if I need to add anything it will be a comment. 

Friday – P day

Well, we are at ACS using their really slow computers, but at least they are computers.  We can’t be trusted with cell modem since I broke it, so this is our fate. 

This week has seemed really long as it seemed like at least 7 days.  We did had some diversion as we met with the stake president and the architectural committee for a new chapel in Graf.  They looked all around the area to find a better place since they like to have churches by train stations or public transportation, but they were convinced that Graf is here to stay, well, the American’s are here to stay in Graf and that it will grow.  So, in another 5 years they may have a new chapel here.  We expect another 50 or more active members to move into our ward in the next six months or so.  We already have over 100 in sacrament meetings and when the soldiers get back from Iraq, we’ll have another 30-50 more.  Could be a crowded building, but that is okay. 

The stake president also called me to be in the dry council, so I have to go to Nurnberg 2 x a month for meetings and every other month travel somewhere to give a talk.  Mom is an advisory member of the stake RS.  She is lucky enough to get to travel with me.  I’ll see if I can go without her on the High Council only week.  We do have another High councilor who lives close by we can ride with. 

We are excited about the baptism on Saturday.  We’ll send pictures, but i don’t know exactly how to download them since I can’t attach an external drive to this computer.  I guess we’ll have to take our laptop to member’s homes who have wi-fi. 

We are still being fed well.  We can call you more often, but we don’t know when you are available.  It is easy for Leslie and Carolyn since they are avilable during the day – but you guys!  We will have to try on the weekends. 


Gluttons for punishment

We are weak.  We went and retrieved Heidi from the animal shelter today.  Everyone was talking about getting a puppy and my (somewhat skewed) thinking was that perhaps if we already had a (house trained, non toy-chewing) dog, perhaps the talk of puppies would cease.  I was right.  So now we just need to figure out how to keep her from running away.  The kids were so excited.  You should have seen their faces when they got home from school!

 And to dispute the validity of Carolyn’s so called “instructions,” I present to the court the following:  Regan spent plenty of time in a dog kennel and she has turned out just fine.  So she crawls around and barks a lot, so what?



Having gone skiing only once last season, I went Saturday and doubled the number of excursions this year.  I once again went with my friend Laird, only this time I went to Steven’s Pass.  I’d never been there, and didn’t know what to expect.  I’ve been to two other pass ski areas in Washington, one of them is good, but very small (White Pass) and the other is more expansive, but not particularly interesting (Snoqualmie).

Steven’s Pass has the best of both worlds.  It’s large enough to have plenty of trails, and the trails have plenty of variety to them.  I even went up a lift that only serves expert trails – those trails weren’t as difficult as I expected they would be (Chute 5 at Silver Star still holds the title as the most difficult slope I’ve ever been brave enough to go down).  It was a clear, sunny day and I enjoyed myself immensely.

And as an added bonus:  We got there late, and paid for half day passes.  The cashier asked me if I was with a season ticket holder, to which I answered no.  Another cashier said “These two have season tickets,” and my cashier nodded and said “Looks like you have some new friends,” and then gave me a $12 discount on my lift ticket.  Score!

So all in all, a great day on the mountain.  It was a day that reminded me why I love skiing.

Stevens Pass March 2008

Easter dinner, we had rabbit, kidding!

We had a wonderful Easter day.  Church was great, we had two people in gospel essentials and had a wonderful lesson.  After church we went over to the Morris home where we had dinner with the Morris family, the Shaw family and the Bradleys.  Cori Morris had also brought home Heidi Campbell’s two children because she got sick at church.  So we had 7 adults and 6 children.  She was expecting more people, but there is sickness in the ward again.  There were lots of leftovers.  We made up some bags of leftovers for several of the people who were supposed to be there.  We had a good chance to sit and chat, which we don’t get to do that often.  It was very nice.  Cori had done a beautiful job of decorating.  It was springy and colorful, even though outside it was snowing and miserable.  The first three days of spring and we had snow all three days.  It is as cold right now as it was in January.

We left their house about 5:15 and delivered some things to people and then headed over to the Hoggan household to eat again and to meet Bruce’s parents.  It was fun and we enjoyed our visit there.  We told them about what they should see in their one day in Berlin.  That was hard.  I told them they could spend a week there and still miss things that they should see. 

We got home about 7:30 and were quite tired.  I had a swollen glands and a little bit of a sore throat.  I don’t think the swollen glands are from talking.  I don’t want to be sick.  We are around sick people often, so I won’t be surprised if I catch something. 

Today we spent some time writing down our experience with Jose for President Wondra.  He wants us to send it to him.  We also prepared some thoughts for the two German speaking sisters that we plan on visiting today.  We headed off to the mess hall for lunch and will drop by the church to pick up some “woods” for sister Raabe before we head over there.  Tonight we have a dinner appointment with the Najdawi family, they are great.  I plan on teaching them some games while we are there.

Wish it would warm up here.  The seeds that we planted have sprouted, but it is too cold outside for them.  Spring will get here and then dad will be too hot, but I’ll be just right.  Love you guys. 


easter-weekend-078.jpgeaster-weekend-093.jpgeaster-weekend-100.jpgWe had a fun and sad and busy weekend.  And we have a 107 pictures to prove it.  So as soon as I get them downloaded, I’ll send out a link so that you can see more than these three.  I’m looking forward to a low key week.  We have a baptism on Saturday and a birthday next Monday, but that’s about it!  I think I’m going to do a little more sewing this week for Regan’s birthday.  I think I’m going to make her a nightgown and nightcap like Laura (in the Little House TV show) wore.  It seems like it will be a fairly easy project (famous last words?)

Dix took the Heidi to the animal shelter yesterday.  Hope we didn’t screw up our kids’ lives permanently.  It was really hard for all of us.  I can’t believe how many tears I’ve shed over that stupid mutt.  easter-weekend-034.jpg

So speaking of that, we got Little House on the Prairie, the first season, on DVD from the library this week.  We watched a few of them today.  Landon especially liked them.  Don’t you just hate that nasty Nellie Oleson?  I have all nine or so seasons on hold at the library.  We’re so eclectic.  We also have all the Star Trek seasons on hold (Next Generation, Deep Space Nine and Voyager).  Maybe we could combine them to form a new TV show…Star Trek:  Deep Prairie, or Little House on the Enterprise.  What do you think?

I forgot to mention it the other day…when Carolyn was over the other day, Lacy was really whiny and said, “But mom, I’m so very, very, very thirsty.”  After I picked myself off the floor from laughing so hard, I told Carolyn how much she deserves to have Lacy for a daughter.  So very, very much.  And in return, I also deserve my kids.  I saw Carin Bentley yesterday and she described me in my High School years as “exuberant.”  I like that word.  I happen to have six EXUBERANT kids.  Thanks Carin for the grate adjective!