I wrote a long blog and this stupid computer at ACS didn’t work right and I don’t want to do it again right now.

We are doing great and we have a baptism tomorrow. 

Today is preparation day and we cleaned house and baked.

It is hot in ACS and dad wants to leave now.


Kind of Silly…

You Are a Beagle Puppy
Cheerful, energetic, and happy go lucky.
And you’re sense of smell is absolutely amazing!



I took this quiz and found out that I most closely resemble a Beagle Puppy.  Not surprising, actually.  What I’m really curious about is…what kind of puppy is Dale?  But he probably doesn’t do stupid puppy quizzes online.  Especially puppy quizzes with poor grammar.  🙂


Wow, do we love Barbara.  Hayden has progressed so much since we’ve been here!  He’s practicing an hour and a half a day!  And today played even longer…just for fun.  He really wants to join the Olympia Youth Orchestra, but I’m not excited about it.  Mostly because it’s just another night a week!  So here’s our current schedule:  Tuesday:  Landon–Cub Scouts, Wednesday:  Dixon, Hayden, Porter scouts, Hayden violin lessons, Thursday:  Landon violin lessons, Landon group lessons.  So add Monday night orchestra rehearsals and we have very few family evenings at home.  We will probably end up doing it because I think it’s important, but maybe not until September.  Landon is now going to group lessons and loves them.  He’s very social and has become friends with many of the kids there.  Particularly the two Aubreys:  Aubrey Warren (Carie and Craig Warren’s daughter) and Aubrey Martin (Marie Nelson Martin’s daughter).  They both go to his school and they all know eachother and they can get pretty silly.  Landon is progressing very nicely on his violin, too.  He’s enjoying it too.  Barbara moves him along quickly enough that he’s not getting bored and now that he’s in group lessons he wants to be able to play more songs so that he can participate more.  Regan went tonight to watch and now…she wants to start taking lessons.  There’s worse things, I guess (she also wants a pony!).

We printed out birthday party invitations tonight for Landon.  His “friends party” will be next Friday, on his actual birthday.  There is no school that day, so that is pretty cool.  We’re going to do a treasure hunt instead of a pinata.  I’ll have the big boys help me make a map and then we’ll go out and bury a box full of candy and toys.  Landon is very excited about that. 

Tomorrow night is the BYU folkdancers.  Regan and I are going together.  We’re going to dress up fancy and do our hair and makeup together before we go.  Should be fun.  She’s pretty excited.  She’s been counting down the days.  

Dix got a boat for free the other day.  He was looking at Craig’s List and found it listed.  It was at a dealership a few minutes from his office. So he went to look at it and told him that he didn’t have a trailer and asked if they had one that he could borrow to get it home.  They ended up giving him a trailer for the boat for free, too!  So he’s been wanting to build a boat from scratch, but now he’ll just fix up this other one.  All I can say is…at least it was free! 

Thursday the 28th

We had a great day yesterday with a visit to the Chaplain who isn’t too friendly.  We found out it isn’t just with us, he was gruff with his wife when she called.  He did lighten up when we told him we weren’t going to “steal his sheep” but he said there are sheep enough for all of us.  We can use their chapel for baptisms, more specifically this Saturday at 2:00 we will have our first baptism.  Jose is a wonderfun man and will add strength to the church.  The family that we have helping him has been less than active, so this is a double good event. 

We taught the little Pomares girl last night, after sister A made cookies with her.  We had a great lesson and Jose was part of it.  She should be baptized soon.  We may not have any more during out mission, but that is two more than I had anticipated, knowing what our mission is.

We have an empty morning today, but will be checking baptismal clothing, buying Jose a white shirt and other such things.  We have to meet the district leader at 5 in Vilseck and have a dinner appointment and then he will interview Jose.  The baptismal program will be mostly in Spanish, so we hope some understand. 

Love you guys.  We’ll send more later, but I’ve messed up the modem for our landlord, so I feel guilty using this. 

It’s really me this time.

I am shocked that dad was too lazy to sign in.  We are doing well, though dad has had a cold and I have a little tickle in my throat.  We have been in a very good routine of working out in the morning and then going out all afternoon.  Yesterday we had a district meeting in Bayreuth.  It was an expanded district because the zone leader in another zone went home a week early because he tore his knee doing stretches.  There is now a drit (threesome) in that district so the three of them came to our meeting.  We had a great time teasing Elder Symonds who is going home before the next meeting.  We also took pictures.  The missionaries enjoyed the treats that we always bring.  They like having an ehepaar (senior couple) in the district.  They only like us because we bring treats though. 

We dropped by Sister Cannons on the way back, she lives in Auerbach.  Her children love us and call us grandma and grandpa A.  They are so cute.  Grandpa A gave Ilana a blessing because she has been sick.  We left them some pictures to color and then left for Vilseck.  We tried to visit the chaplain, but he was just leaving.  We have an appointment with him on Wednesday but wanted to check out where the chapel is.  He didn’t seem as warm as Col. Hillis was.  We then dropped by Nebekers who had a child hospitalized because of RSV and talked to her for a while.  We had a dinner appointment with the Bingham family.  He is a dentist and they have two very cute little girls.  The youngest is Rose’s age and the other will be 5 this fall.  We had fun getting to know them.  They are interested in how they can help the ward, so we gave them a few ideas.

Our next appointment was with Jose.  Brother Pomares picked him up and we went to the Pomares home to meet with him.  They had had him to dinner, yeah!  We had a nice discussion with them and then went over the baptismal questions and set a date, next Saturday.  We will have the district leader here to interview him on Friday.  Now we have to see if we have the Vilseck Post Chapel.  If not we can go to Nurnberg, or we can do it in any number of lakes in the area.  Dad won’t be doing the baptizing, so it is okay with us.  Jose’s friend, Paul Rangel will be doing it. 

He will be confirmed the next day, and receive the priesthood.  He doesn’t know when he will be sent home, but we feel like it is very soon.  We are so excited for him.  The Pomares, also from Puerto Rico, found the ward he will be living in and will call the bishop and talk to him.  Jose will be getting out of the army and will be without  pension and a job, but at least he will be with his family and have church resources to help him.  He is a great guy. 

This has been long and I am sure I have left some stuff out that you guys would like to hear.  Love you all.

Only 11 more days…

Landon has been counting down to his birthday for about a week now.  Today in the car on the way to school he said, “Tomorrow will be 10 days to my birthday and I’ll start the countdown.”  Ummm, haven’t we been counting down already?  Silly boy.  I can’t believe he’s almost 8! 

Today was a very quiet day for me (as quiet as a day can be with six kids that aren’t very quiet).  I got the whole house picked up including bedrooms.  It looks grate.  I decluttered my kitchen counters and did three loads of dishes.  (It was partially clean up from last night’s shindig)  We had a good and short FHE.  We all said two nice things about the person to our left.  The kids kept trying to get away with things like, “She’s my favorite sister,” or “He’s nice.”  It took a while, but we ended up with some nice compliments.  We played Life for activity.  It took way longer than I had planned, so we quit halfway through and counted up the money.  Landon won.  Regan kept taking her car off the board and playing with her children.  I was the banker and the nagger.  Dix was just watching and on Landon’s team.  He was laughing the whole time because it was so ridiculous with our ADHD kids trying to take turns and Regan nurturing her little plastic children.  It soon ended and I read a few chapters of “On the Banks of Plum Creek” to Landon and Regan and got them to bed.  Oh, in case you were wondering, we put Turner and Cooper to bed before the activity so that we could actually enjoy it.  Which we didn’t, but probably more than if they had been up.  Hayden and Porter headed downstairs to listen to “Fellowship of the Ring” on tape. 

Tomorrow is story time at the Lacy I mean Lacey library.  My kids think it’s their cousin’s library.  Other than that, I should be home plugging away on laundry and whatever else I decide to do. 

A new Week – really by Dad, but too lazy to sign in.

Sounds like a great dinner and party yesterday.  That was the first Sunday we didn’t have a dinner apppointment, but we didn’t starve.  

We have had a few interesting days since we got internet blackout for the weekend. We hope we get internet in the next three weeks as our landlord is TDY to the states and his wife may not be as good at getting the modem to us for access. She did get us the modem on Saturday just as we got home from some chores, but we had to leave to go to stake conference before we got a chance to use it. So, with that introduction, here it is.

There were two sisters that we have tried to contact since we got here, but discovered we had bad phone number. We were able to reach both on Friday. One had us to lunch and then we met with the other. The first is from WA and got engaged within a few days for meeting this man. He came to Germany right after they met, so she came here and got married. She had a wedding dress, but never wore it as they were married in a courthouse, like Les and Dix in Holland. Neat girl. We met with a few others, but our 5:30 appointment was neat as it was not a dinner appointment, but as we walked in, we could smell roast beef. She asked us if we had a dinner engagement, but by my heavy salivating, she knew the answer. She is a really sweet girl, with no kids and a deployed husband. We tried to meet with Jose, but he was out of town on business.

Saturday was stake conference so we went with a couple to Erlangen, about 70 miles away for the PH leadership and adult session. About half of the stake is German and half American. All of the speakers were German high counselors, but it wasn’t as bad as it could have been. The evening session was a broadcast of the worldwide leadership conference, and we separated by language. After the conference, we went to a restaurant and had the biggest schnitzel I’ve ever seen. One full serving included two pieces at least 12 inches by 7 inches. Mom says bigger. We split an order and had leftovers – or would have, but some elders ate their portions, and ours.

Today was a broadcast stake conference in Graf. We had the chapel in English and the nursery in German. It was weird having Elder Neuenschwander speak in German, but have it translated by a German with a bad accent. I went to the German room for his talk. Also L. Tom spoke and the Gen Primary Pres. Concluding was Pres Uchdorf – again, I had to go to the German room. I can’t believe they had such bad translators. In Erlangen last night, we had fabulous translators.

This morning is district meeting and we hope to finalize the baptismal plans for Jose. Love you guys.

Send photo – developed, so we can show off our family.

Happy Happy Birthday Turner Dear

Well, it’s official.  He’s three.  I know, I know.  He’s been three for a few days.  But now HE knows that he’s three.  He had his cake, his pinata and his presents.  He had a grate day. 

I made a gi-normous lasagna and might I add that it was quite delicious.  Unfortunately I’m not used to cooking for such a big, hungry crowd.  We could have eaten several more pieces.  Note to self:  next time make more food than you think they can possibly eat.  We had a yummy pea salad and a yummy green salad and some yummy homemade bread.  After dinner we opened presents.  Okay, I know I’m a little biased, but DANG that kid is cute.  He opened one of his presents and was so excited about it that he sat there and stared at it and started shaking!  It was hilarious.  Because he is our favorite child (for today anyway), he got way too many presents.  We kind of overdid it a little.  But three year olds are so much fun to buy for.  They’re still happy with the little kid stuff and they love the big kid stuff.   Add an outfit and a pair of shoes and voila, you’ve overdone it again.  He had a lot of fun opening all his presents.  He had a little help from various siblings and cousins, but he needed it with the haul he had!

He's SO excited


Mass ChaosAfter the presents we did the pinata.  We were making a pinata this week, but we never finished it and it was kind of dumb, so I caved and we bought a Superman pinata from Party City.  We loaded it full of some Clearance Valentine candy and some leftover candy that Kurt and Jackie gave us after Marilyn’s party.  The kids all got a turn, and as is tradition, Hayden went last and destroyed the pinata.  Except this time he destroyed the bat.  We used a plastic bat and it cracked.  So Dave ripped a hole in the pinata and dumped all the candy out.  I handed out paper bags with the kids’ names on them and they all loaded up.  Wow, there was a ton of candy in there!


Then we did pin the superman sign on superman.  Kind of a dumb game, especially since we didn’t even use a blindfold, but it was on clearance, and the $1.50 pricetag was worth it just for the poster, I thought.  Everyone had a turn.  Everyone cheated. 

Pin the S on Superman

Then we did cake and ice cream.  We sang “Happy Birthday” in true Abersold fashion.  Little did we know that Porter had opened the back door while we were singing at the top of our lungs.  At least all the neighbors know that it was Turner’s birthday today!  Turner was tickled pink with his cake and was so excited to FINALLY get to blow real candles out!  (He’s been pretending to blow the candles out on a pretend cake for weeks!).  The cake was yummy, although there was an awful lot of frosting.  Mom, in case you’re missing your cake decorating tips when you get back, ask me for them.  Hopefully I’ll return them before then! 

Birthday Cake

All in all, it was a successful birthday.  We enjoyed having everyone here.  It would have been a lot more pleasant with a bigger house, but oh well.  We’ll have to have all our family dinners outdoors in the summer.  This house ain’t big enough for the 17 of us. 

I don’t think we decided for sure the next time that we’ll meet.  The weekend of Easter, the weekend of Landon’s baptism/Regan’s birthday, the weekend of Landon’s birthday…what works best for you guys?