End of the Month report

We’ve been pretty busy the last couple of days. I don’t remember if we told you about the fabulous gym they have here – it is bigger and better equipped that any I’ve every seen. We went there on Tuesday morning and again today. We plan on doing it Tues, Thurs and Saturday. It feels so good we may try to squeeze in an extra day each week.

Anyway, back to being busy. Yesterday we had to get up early and drive about 10 km to the train station in Friehung. I bought a ticket from a machine and I assumed you had to date stamp it, but the ticket was bigger than the hole in the machine, so a German lady knocked on the door to the office and asked the guy. He told me I just had to put my name on the ticket. It was easy enough getting to Nurnberg Bahnhof, but to get to the church? I forgot my cell phone, but had the number for a sister missionary who was arriving about the same time. I called her on a pay phone and we met up with them and four other missionaries. One stop on the U-Bahn and we were almost there.

We had zone conference and I took a suitcase full of Root beer for the missionaries, as well as some Reese’s Peanut butter cups and Reese’s Pieces. They were a hit. The conference was nice, but most of the meetings were auf Deutsch. They did have a translator there so mom wore headphones. The ZLs and Assistants as well as the Pres & Sis Pres spoke. The new missionaries had to introduce themselves and we were also asked to bear our testimonies. Mom was first and I followed. She did hers in English, but shouldn’t feel bad, a sister who is leaving still had to do hers in English.

The trip home was more challenging, there were only two tracks in Freihung, but 22 tracks in Nurnberg. Fortunately some missionaries were there and showed us a machine where you can print out a schedule to your destination. The tricky part came as we got to the train, the sign indicated a different destination. Upon closer inspection, the train was in two parts, that split along the way, so we had to be in the first two cars. There were very few seats for the return and it was hot, but we made it. We had leftovers for dinner and spent a lot of time on the phone making appointments.

Today is P-Day so we rented a carpet cleaner. We don’t have a lot of carpets, but we have several sofas and chairs and they all look grubby. they may be okay, but we’ll feel better about it when they are cleaned and have only our dirt. Our dinner appointment for tonight canceled, so we have nothing planned. We will meet with the base chaplain today. Holger asked us if there was room for another set of missionaries in this area. We’ll have to think hard about it. There are about 150 missionaries in this mission and only recently they split Stuttgart off and assigned that area to the Swiss Mission.

Love you guys. We’re doing just absolutely Grate.

I’m Obsessed. Again.

Well, the time that I have been waiting for is finally here.  It has snuck up on me, and I couldn’t be happier.  What time is that, you may ask?  The time that Regan is old enough to fall in love with Laura Ingalls!  I started reading Little House in the Big Woods to her and Landon tonight.  They begged me to read “just one more chapter.”  Oh, it was the sweetest day of my life, I promise!  I have been so excited to do this since I was about 12.  She wore her sunbonnet for much of the day and we have talked about making her a quilt that would be kind of pioneer-y.  I’ve been searching the web for some ideas, but I’m not exactly sure what I want to do yet.  I’ve never made her a “special blankie” so I guess this will be it!  I’m thinking some calicos and maybe a checked fabric for the back.  I think maybe some fabric applique squares on the front with “Little House” themes, like a covered wagon, a brindle bulldog, a log cabin, etc.  All we’ve talked about today is Laura, Laura, Laura.  How I love talking about Laura with my little Regan!  And tomorrow she wants braids.  Two braids, just like Laura.  Next thing you know, she’ll be playing with a corncob.  🙂  I’m planning on totally feeding this obsession, so if anyone ever sees anything good on e-bay or at a garage sale or something that would fit our new obsession, I’m interested! 


Calender filling up!

We finally feel like we are doing what we came here to do, missionary work.  Yesterday we started the day with studying, like we are supposed to, then went on post to run errands and have lunch at the dining facility.  We prepared a first discussion for a member who has an 8 year old and this is to prepare him/her for baptism.  We also had a problem with the lights in the car and we got them fixed.  We had an appointment with a sister, who’s husband is in Iraq, so we visited her at 6:00.  She has two little boys, one (named Cooper) who is 3 and a 10 month old boy.  They are very active.  She had a nice dinner for us and we asked her how we can help her. She said she did have something for us – she had fellowshiped her neighbor and they were baptized in May.  She feels like the ward has let up a bit on the fellowship and wanted us to help.  Wow – nothing for herself, but for her neighbor.  We had a nice message for her, then we went to the neighbor.

 He is a warrant officer pilot, so we had a lot in common and we did a lot of pilot talk – some of which is true.  They are a neat couple and we hope to be able to get them to the temple while we are here.  Since the Prophet just died, it gave us a good chance to talk about has the authority is passed from one to the next.  We gave the example of the appointment Matthias as an apostle, as recorded in Acts.  We had a grate visit and ended with a prayer.  It was 9:30 before we got home. 

This morning I got up really early – what else is new – and baked some muffins from a mix the missionaries left.  It was a german mix and the results were not the best.  We left early and went to the military gym and it is the most fantastic sports center I’ve ever seen.  We got there just as the troops were leaving, so it was not busy.  We had a great workout and plan on doing that 3 x per week.  Got to go, we have an appointment with the RS president.   

Snow Day!

The kids were THRILLED to wake up to a snow day this morning.  Hayden came up and told me early, and then he went back to bed.  We had less than an inch accumulation, but I guess the roads were really slick.  It took Dix 40 minutes just to get to the freeway this morning.  He said it was really scary and slick and he almost went off the road a couple of times.  Supposedly it will snow 2-4 inches tonight, so we’ll see.  The kids are hoping and praying for another snow day.  I’m hoping for a school day! 

We went over to Kurt and Jackies to see if they wanted to play with us.  Marilyn had slept at her Oma’s so she wasn’t there yet.  We tried to sled down the hill there, but there just wasn’t enough snow.  Marilyn got home after a while and Landon and Regan spent all afternoon over there playing.  We had plenty of fun at home drinking hot chocolate and cleaning.  Wahoo.

We had a fun FHE tonight.  We made up some family rules.  We narrowed it down to six and talked about how pretty much everything fits into one of the six.  These are the six:

O bey

L ove

I nspire

V oices quiet

E verclean

R espect

I printed out a couple copies of it and posted it around the house.  We’re working on the second article of faith now.  Even Turner has the first one memorized now.  Regan and Landon are having trouble with the word “transgression.”  Pronouncing it, that is. 

Here’s a cute picture of Turner and Cooper watching TV together.  I’m so glad I learned how to post pictures this new cool way!  Go me!


Cute Boyz

Doing Grate in Bavaria

We had an fantastic day yesterday.  I actually slept beyond 5:00 and almost made it to 7:00.  I fixed bacon and eggs for breakfast, but our utensils are not grate (except for our greater) so I had an outdoor spatula and had to stand two feet away from the stove because of it’s size.  We had church at 9:30 so we got there early met people (no fish).  Anyway, we met a lot of really fine people and they are genuinely happy to have us in the ward.  We spoke in Sacrament Meeting (as did Les and Dix I understand) and it went well.  There is a non-member who has been assigned to keep the dinner calendar for us.  Her husband is deployed and she wants to join the church when he gets back.  He is less active, so we’ll really bring two into the church. 

She did well on the calendar as we have dinners every night but Wednesday and that is our zone conference, so we’ll be in Nurnberg.  We are visiting a German sister tomorrow and teaching an 8 year old the first discussion on Friday.  Tomorrow night, after dinner with the WML, we are going home teaching to some single sisters.  The biggest benefit of having seniors here, other than the apparent good looks, is that we can visit singles and young elders can’t.  They have a number of families with deployed husbands, so they need service.  We are excited to do that. 

We had a baptism in the ward last night for an 8 year old.  We had to go to Nurnberg to use the font at the stake center.  We rode in with the Lindstroms to save gas and also to find the way.  It was a nice baptism with Grandma and Grandpa as well as an uncle and counsin who came in from Montana.  Our ride was going to go to a restaurant on the way home but we didn’t feel right about that, so we caught a ride home with the family of the newly baptized girl.  We are getting to know our ward already. 

We had a phone call at 5:30 this morning, which I didn’t get to before it quit ringing, then another at 6:30, telling us about President Hinckley’s death.  We had discussed this at the MTC, would he still be serving when we were released.  We will miss him.  He left a tremendous legacy and I’m sure he is glad to be back with his dear wife. 

Should you ever want to call us, here are our phone numbers:

Germany country code is 49, so dial whatever you have to before that.

Home: 964-192-60145

Cell: 15223-166-506

We are 9 hours ahead of you.

Love you guys. 



Sleepy Regan

Regan fell asleep while we were doing scriptures. She actually stayed asleep when we transferred her to bed! Sleepy Landon/Cooper

I promise I didn’t set this one up!!


Sleepy Turner

The other day I couldn’t find Turner. I had put him down for his nap in his bed, but a few minutes later, when I went to check on him, he was gone! I searched everywhere and finally found him tucked in the corner in Regan and Landon’s room. Looks comfy, doesn’t he?

Posting pictures the Carolyn way 101

1) Open an account at Photobucket or another similar website that provides HTML codes for individual pictures. Post your pictures online.

2) Begin writing your post on this blog. When it’s time to add a picture, click on the tiny “HTML” button. This opens the HTML source editor.

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5) When you’ve added your photos, click on “update” in the HTML source editor. This will add the pictures to the post.

6) To adjust the size, click on the picture. You can use the little dots in each corner to adjust the picture to a workable size. I like to adjust them so they look like they’re about 4-5 inches wide on the computer screen.

7) Publish your post, and your pictures should show up just like mine do!

PS– check out my blog for pictures and commentary from yesterday’s wedding!

Wedding’s over!

Boy I’m glad all I have to do for the rest of the day is sit around.  It was quite a hectic morning!  But we had a grate time at the wedding, at least until Rose had enough, and started coughing and puking. We got our family picture taken and jetted on out of there.  Anyway, Lacy did so well!  She took her job very seriously.  She threw all the flower petals at the very beginning of her walk down the isle, and the people in the room didn’t even phase her.  I think partially because I prepped her so much for this in the past week or two, and because she was just so darned excited to be the flower girl.  Anyway, the ring bearers were way ahead of her, walking very quickly toward the front, but Lacy was obedient to what she had been told to do, and walked very slowly to the front.  She was so cute!  The only bummer was the huge booger on her face.  I was able to help her blow her nose and she looked grate after that.  She stood so still, and maybe communicated with me a little, but wasn’t running all over the place like some of the groomsmen… I mean ring bearers.

Dave was the announcer during the reception and did a really good job.  He shared some nice stories, and talked about his mom for a little bit.  He always does such a good job with that.

I’ll be updating my personal blog with more details and photos later. I’ve got about 100 to download from today.  For now, I’m going to try to put Rose down and pick some things up.  TTFN!

Feels like home

Well, it’s been sunny and durn cold all week, but today it is raining again.  It is much warmer, too.  It should get up to mid 40’s.  Wahoo.  Dale stopped by this morning after he walked all the way from his house to the end of Carpenter…and then to our house.  And then Kurt and Jackie and Marilyn stopped by to get their fish out of our tank that we’ve been fish-sitting for them.  Kurt helped Dix cut our table down by a foot so that it will fit better in the space that we have.  And he did an awesome cut.  Thank you Kurt.  Dix got it all put back together and put in the dining space.  I’m so excited.  Next on my list is getting my flat tire fixed and getting my washer put in the laundry room. 

Cooper had a much better night last night, therefore so did we.  I actually feel rested.  We all went to see Austin and Brooklyn in “Aristocat Kids” last night.  It was really cute and all the kids loved it.  Regan especially liked it.  We ran into Loraine with two of her grand kids and a couple of kids that Hayden met at Chinook.  We sat with the Falters and the kids had a grate time.  Porter had a meltdown on the way home, but we got things under control. 

Dix is at the pet store trying to pawn off a couple of lizards.  Hopefully he doesn’t come home with any more livestock.  Regan has been begging for a pet bunny.  Not likely.  But we did end up with four fire belly toads from the Bentleys.  That’s about all the pets that I want. 

Hayden is leaving for the temple in about half an hour.  He is really looking forward to it.  It’s actually nice to have such a small group of youth for things like this.  I am going to go work on my kitchen.  Hope you’re doing grate.

I have some pictures to publish, but I want to do it Carolyn’s way, so I guess I’ll wait until she’s back from Tim’s wedding so she can tutor me.

We have internet, part-time anyway.

We drove over to Vilseck and tried to find members, no luck there, but at least we know where the train station is that is close to here.  It is at Freihung, a tiny place, but the tracks run there.  We have to go to Nurnberg on Wednesday for zone conference, and wanted to make sure we could get there. 

We drove around the Vilseck military community and then into the surrounding areas to try and find members.  No one was home in the places we could find (not many).  We are thinking seriously about getting a gps to use here.  Our landlord bought one for $100, we could afford that.

Our landlord took us to Weiden to get a replacement door for the one that was broken in our clothing schrank.  While we were there we also went by a second-hand store and ended up buying a wall-mounted coat hanger that will work nicely for us.  We have just  few things more that we need and then some rearranging and more cleaning and this place will be grate.  It is a huge apartment missionary wise.  Our landlord just visited us again with his little modem thingy and is letting us use it.  So here we are back on the web, and happy to be reading all the blog entries.  Our landlord is grate, he also helped us put up the coatrack and make new shelves for the schrank.  Things are looking good for us, and we are so happy to be back in the land of good bread, and weird holidays.  We get a Fasching parade right down the street next week, we’ll try to take some pictures, if we ever find our camera, oh yeah, we won’t have it by then. 

Dad is reading over my shoulder so I’ll turn the time over to him.  We’ll have access to the internet during the day, but not at night. We’ll check to see who is on IM when we are on-line.  I don’t think we will have internet much in the evenings or weekends, but that is better than nothing. 

Love you guys.