November may be the month for pies, but after Thanksgiving, cookies are king! I’ve been busily baking cookies all week, and have so far made three batches of cookies, and I’m thinking of baking a batch of Neapolitans today. Mmmmm!

So far this week, I have baked:

Russian Tea Cakes

Thumbprint Cookies

and Cranberry Orange Cookies (which are a big hit!)

And I have plans of baking many, many more cookies this holiday season! What cookies make it feel like it’s Christmas to you? Please post your recipes or links! (I need more ideas!)

Yea for cookie season!

To continue the trend…

I got a text message from my roommate John this morning: somebody broke into our house.

He heard somebody ringing the doorbell at 9:30, but didn’t get out of bed fast enough to catch the person. Ten minutes later, he heard a crash from our sliding glass door and knew immediately what was going on (but didn’t want to budge, understandably so). The trespasser seemed to have done a walkthrough of the upstairs and opened his bedroom door, saw John awake, and quickly fled the house. John described him as a late 20s, early 30s Caucasian wearing…a bicycle outfit.

Thankfully, no harm came to John and it appears that nothing was stolen. Our glass door is toast and it probably won’t be replaced until tomorrow. We’ve replaced it with a non-sliding cardboard door.

All in all the event was kind of unnerving, but I’m glad the only bad thing that happened was the damage to our door. And hey, this will finally get our landlord to fix the screen door, too!

EDIT:  Also, John posted some photos on his LiveJournal.


Well, I guess eventually it had to rain.  But I can’t believe it was a whole week after our arrival!  The kids are keeping their fingers crossed for snow.  The forecast in today’s paper said snow on Thursday.  It would be nice if the snow waited until after we’ve unpacked snow clothes! 

I registered the kids for school today.  Landon and Porter start tomorrow and Hayden on Wednesday.  Although they’re a little nervous, they’re very excited.  I may call the middle school tomorrow or even stop by to get Hayden’s schedule and to talk to the counselor about testing him to see if he can join in algebra.  Pre-algebra is a cake-walk for him and he’s bored most of the time in math.  But the school year is 1/4 over so it may be difficult to join in algebra now.  I guess that’s what I should talk to the counselor about.  I have to say, I was a little intimidated when I walked into the school.  We’ve been at a K-8 school so I wasn’t used to the feel of a middle school.  It was louder and rowdier than I’m used to.  I was a little nervous when I went in, thinking that I didn’t want to send Hayden there, but I know it will be just grate. 

It’s been so fun seeing all of you guys.  So glad we’re back home.

A family dinner.

For those who can make it, I will be serving a family dinner tomorrow at about 5.  The Olivers have decided they want to attend church in their new ward and so will be leaving early to make the 9 AM meeting time.  Leslie will help with the dinner when she gets home after 12.  I plan on making pot roast.  We will have the leftover piez for dessert.  We will have to set up in the upstairs family room again, but already have the chairs that Kurt and Jackie brought over (thanks again).  I plan on using regular dishes since our garbage is full and it doesn’t get collected until Tuesday.  Hope you can all make it, except for Mark who has already gone back to Seattle. 

There was very heavy northbound traffic on I-5 today in the early afternoon, good thing Mark left early.  By the way Mark, you left your tahini here, I will have Dale keep it until you return.  Also, Kurt we didn’t use the milk you brought over, if you could take it home tomorrow it would be grate since our refrigerator space is limited and we have so many people here right now.  We ate turkey leftovers tonight and that helped, we still have some more if anyone is hungry, drop by and have a bite.    

Funny gifts

We’re happy to resume the family tradition of funny gifts this year!  Remember, keep them funny, be creative, and remember that irreverence is the rule rather than the exception.  This is also the first year that Hayden will be giving (and receiving) a funny gift, so remember, I’ve got high expectations, buddy.

  • Dad gives to Leslie
  • Mom gives to Dave
  • Dixon gives to Dad
  • Dale gives to Carolyn
  • Leslie gives to Kurt
  • Dave gives to Hayden
  • Carolyn gives to Dixon
  • Mark gives to Dale
  • Kurt gives to Mom
  • Hayden gives to Mark


For reference, here’s who’s giving gifts to whom this year:

  • Dale gives to Carolyn and family
  • Leslie and family gives to Mark
  • Carolyn and family gives to Kurt
  • Mark gives to Dale
  • Kurt gives to Leslie and family

Thank you!

We are so glad that the worst of our move is over.  The drive was very long, but the kids were so good.  We had very little car trouble, especially considering that we were driving a 17 year old Suburban.  Yikes!  Thanks to everyone for the warm welcome when we got here.  Thanks Dale for the stew and the granola and warming up the house and putting Regan to bed when I crashed on Monday night and doing the dinner dishes and probably some other things that I forgot to mention.  Thanks to Kurt and Jackie for being here and being fun.  Regan is so excited to have Marilyn and Lacy to play with.  We sure appreciated that you guys were here to welcome us home.  Thanks Carolyn for the yummy dinner and dessert.  While we were driving, we weren’t sure if anyone would be there when we got there and were thinking about fixing our own dinner and being alone at Grandma and Grandpa’s, and it was kind of sad.  We were so glad you were all there! 

We’ve been busy looking at and thinking about houses.  This is a really hard decision.  There is a lot to consider.  It will be great to finally move in somewhere, but meanwhile it is very stressful!  This morning Turner came in and said that he wants to go home.  He was up in the night and is very confused.  When we drove over to the Falters yesterday he was really upset that we didn’t take our trailer with us.  The sooner we get into our own place, the better.  I want to go register the kids for school soon, so I need to have some kind of an idea of where we will live. 

Well, I guess everyone will be here tonight and tomorrow.  We’re looking forward to it.  I’m planning on putting my kids on tranquilizers so they don’t make everyone crazy.  Mark, the kids are excited to see you.  Mom and Dad, travel safely and we’ll see you all late tonight if we can stay up that late, or tomorrow.  Don’t worry, the kids will wake you up nice and early.


Our last day was fabulous.  We had a sunny, wonderful day and I need to get on the ship in a few minutes as it will sail off without me if I don’t.

 \We’ll be in Honolulu tomorrow early and will get of the ship as late as possible as our flight isn’t until 1:30.  It is only 30 minutes from the ship to the AP.  It was a wonderful trip.  We are anxious to see you all, and we will see you all on Thursday.   I’m really looking forward to the piez.  Hopefully the turkey is thawed. 

Lots of Love to you guys. 


Try saying that word, very fun.  We toured around Kauai today, we got to see some beautiful sights including a rainbow over the ocean when it was raining on us.  We finally hit some less than perfect weather and we didn’t mind, the rain was warm and it was in Hawaii.  We got back to the ship and most of the people have gone off to a luau, which is why we didn’t want to go.  We have been to a couple already and it is just a Hawaiian buffet where the food is not that great anyway and everyone else is drinking alcohol.  We ate a nice dinner in a very empty dining room then went out and made some Hawaiian crafts.  We are in an internet cafe, we actually were hunting up a newspaper, nothing else seems to be open.  Tomorrow is our last day, got to go, see you on Wednesday/Thursday.