Mission President

This morning Janet had her German lesson with our tutor and during the lesson, I heard the sound of call waiting, three different times.  After her hour I was speaking to the tutor and heard the call waiting, so I asked to excuse myself for a minute, thinking it was a question about the soup kitchen tonight, but to my surprise, it was President Webb, our mission president.  I told the tutor to call back and had a good chat with Pres Webb. 

He says we are on a Military Relations mission, which is just fine with me.  He doesn’t know where he will assign us, but probably near a military base.  He’ll talk to the Military Stake President and come up with a location.  He told us we would have an apartment, bigger than the normal missionaries get, and it would be equiped with bedding, kitchen utencils, washer and dryer, microwave and we would have a car and cell phone.  We’ll have to get DSL and a land line for outgoing calls. 

This will take away some of the pressure on learning the language, but we will still want to learn as much as possible as we can work with the local elders and local members, I would assume.  I was rather excited to get the call.   

Am I missing something?

I’m trying to improve my computer, now that we have more space on the hard drive (we have 45% of the space now available). I’m downloading some stuff to a website as my photo backup, and they have a bulk downloader available that runs on Java. I installed Java twice and it still isn’t working. I have the most current version of Firefox… am I missing something here? I’m not sure why it’s not working yet. Maybe I just need a new computer!

Bad Mommy

Today when I was picking my kids up from a friend’s house, I left the engine running with Porter in the front seat and Cooper in the back.  As I chatted with my friend for a minute, Turner and Regan got in the car and started climbing around.  The next thing I knew, the car was moving with Turner standing behind the wheel and Porter yelling, “Mom!!!  Help!!!”  Porter didn’t know what to do.  I ran after the car trying to tell Port to knock it out of gear, but he didn’t understand.  LUCKILY there was no one out on the street and the car moved really slowly.  I ran over, jumped into Porter’s door and knocked the car into neutral.  Turner was so excited that he was really, truly driving.  I had a bit of a scare and learned my lesson with no one hurt, thank goodness.

I have received the same e-mail with the link to Snopes about the movie The Golden Compass three times now.  This last time it was sent from our Relief Society President to all the sisters in our ward that have e-mail.  So what do all of you think about it?  Has everyone read the books and did you love them?  Does any of this “info” change your opinion at all?  I’d be interested to know.  I definitely have my opinion and I let my RS President know.  Hopefully I don’t get ex-communicated or anything!  🙂  Post a comment if you have an opinion on this.  But no harsh remarks about my parenting skills (or lack thereof) please!

Fall Pictures

We had our second annual autumn capitol camups leaf frolic and photo shoot yesterday. We got several good shots of the girls. We had fun, but I felt a little pressured to go out yesterday because the weather was good and the leaves were dry. I think it would have been better had Lacy gotten a little more sleep and if we had another adult with us (and if I was in more practical shoes!).  But seeing that it is raining today, I am very glad we did it when we did.  I would have been so disappointed if we had waited just one more day to do it!

I just bought an external hard drive from Costco.  I’m hoping that it will speed up my slooooow computer just a tad.  Before our Costco trip, we went to Halloween storytime at the Tumwater library.  I had never been there, so I mapquested the directions.  Unfortunately there was some construction and a closed road, but thankfully the nice flagger let me through anyway!  We got there only about 5 minutes late, and Lacy had a good time.  We had cookies and juice at storytime (how about that?  A snack at storytime!).  It was lots of fun.

I have a lot of work to do today.  We are having some friends come over for dinner and I have a huge to do list to complete before then.  I completely forgot about the special storytime that I signed up for over a month ago, so I’m already behind!  Right now I’m multi-tasking, not just wasting time on the computer (I’m so glad I learned how to type with both hands while nursing!  So much faster!).  Rose is almost ready to go down, and when she does I’m cleaning the kitchen, sweeping and mopping, plus finishing up the bathroom.  Once I have several more of my jobs checked off the list and have dinner planned, I can start playing with the new hard drive! So it’s going to happen tonight after the girls go to bed, probably!

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Yay, the Primary Sacrament Meeting Program is behind me!

I’m glad to have the Primary Sacrament Meeting Program over and done with.  Since we have 9 a.m. meetings this year, we weren’t able to do our rehearsal in the chapel, and doing rehearsals in the Primary room was a pain in the neck.  My main job in the program was poking the various children sitting around me.  “Stand up!  Sit down!  It’s your turn to go up and do your line!  You’re snoring too loudly!”  And so forth.

I also finished another big annual thing last week: the agency tradeshow, which takes place in Tacoma.  I’m feeling good and unstressed right now.

For Hallowe’en, I was thinking of getting my hands on a Santa suit and greeting trick-or-treaters with it.  I think that would freak them out sufficiently.  In fact, I think this will be my first Hallowe’en evening I’ve spent at home since the first year I lived there.


Here are some photos yesterday.  The first is a small album that I took during a ward hike up Little Si near North Bend, Washington.

Little Si Hike 2007

Next, what you’ve all been waiting for…my Halloween costume.  A friend and I went as Bill and Ted.  I even got the little guitar riff sound and put it on my cell phone, which was quite handy (and amused a lot of people).  If you want to see the costume photo, just click here.

Speaking of car sagas…

Speaking of car sagas, I knew my Suburban was low on gas because I was in a hurry to get home on my errand day (Wednesday) so I didn’t fill it up.  I intended on filling it up first thing this morning, but Dix took it to Hayden’s cross country meet.  I had a few errands to run this afternoon, so I loaded up Cooper and tried to start it.  No such luck.  It didn’t even have enough gas to start the engine!  So we poured in a gallon or so from our extra tank at home and Dix got it to the Circle K down the street.   He filled it up…it took 35.25 gallons.  Not bad for a 35 gallon tank!  Luckily we don’t have to take the Suburban out much over the next couple of weeks.  We don’t have to drive to orchestra for two more weeks and I don’t foresee going much further than the grocery store in the near future.  So hopefully that $95 of gas will last a while!

Tonight was our ward Halloween party.  It was really fun.  It was too hot out for Cooper to wear his fleece chicken costume.  Hopefully it will be a little cooler on Wednesday evening.  Regan was a fairy complete with little bumcheeks hanging out the edges of her tutu (or three-three rather).  Turner was Superman (I save da day!), Landon was a karate dude, Porter was a tapeworm (gray sweats with lots of tape all over them) and I don’t know what Hayden was.  He wore his suit and a huge black afro wig, black beard and sunglasses.  I was a nerd (not too much of a stretch) and Dix wore a mullet wig.  We looked GRATE!  I didn’t take any pictures until we got home since I accidentally left my memory card in the computer, so I’ll be sure to take lots on Wednesday.

We’ve been organizing and packing all day.  We got our “craft” cupboard (the cupboard right by the downstairs bathroom) cleaned out and packed, and all the stuff under the stairs packed.  It’s amazing how much stuff you’re willing to get rid of when you consider how many times you’ve moved it and how many times you’ve actually used it!  I have stuff that we moved here from Washington and never really used….it is now being sent to DI or thrown away.  I’m up late getting the last of the stuff put away or packed while it’s quiet.  I can’t stand waking up to a messy house on Sunday morning.

Speaking of Sunday morning, tomorrow is the Primary Sacrament Meeting Program.  So glad I got released from Primary last Sunday so I can sit with my family…well, at least with my hubby and a few boys.  Regan’s pretty excited to talk in the microphone.  Porter’s not.  This will be his last program.  Next year at this time he’ll be 12!!! Hayden was so mad last year that the program was about a week before his twelfth birthday so he was the oldest one in the program! 

I’d better get to work or I’ll be up all night!


Gathering and Preserving

Today was quite a busy day!  We started off slowly, because we had a late night last night, but once we were off we were running non-stop.  I left late this morning, and Dave stayed behind putting up the rest of the wainscoating in the kitchen area.  Then he and his friend Bill moved our bed.  After they were done with that, it was out to the woods to look for mushrooms.

While they were mushroom picking, I got busy preparing apples.  My friend Emily has a couple apple trees, so we washed, quartered and cooked the apples.  By that time, Rose was tired so I attempted to have her take a nap.  It took me about an hour to get her to settle down (because we weren’t at home) and then she only napped for about a half hour.  But during that half hour, I cranked out 10 pints and 3 quarts of applesauce.  We were able to get a lot more done that afternoon, too.  Lacy helped pick apples and Rose helped eat them.  Our total for the last two days (we were processing apple sauce yesterday as well) is:  24 pints and 14 quarts, plus 5 pints of apple butter and a bunch of dried apples.  We still have about 3/4 of the apples left on the trees, so we’re going to be busy!  Hopefully Emily’s baby (due November 16th) will stay put for at least two more weeks so we can get it all done!

The guys showed up around 6 with their harvest– one big leaf coral mushroom that weighed about 10 pounds, and about 30 pounds of chantrelles.  We sauted some of the chantrels up with some onions and cooked up the last of Dave’s deer stake, Emily and Dave made a batch of mushroom and rice soup, and we cooked up some squash from the garden.  We got out of there a little after 8, and both girls were pooped.  We got home and changed them into their jammies.  Lacy fell asleep after about 2 minutes and Rose after about 10.  Usually Rose wakes up a few times before I go to bed but she hasn’t been awake once yet.

A lot of stuff was still out from Dave putting up the wainscoating this morning, so we needed to put it all back.  We decided to change around a little of the furniture in the little spot between the kitchen and the living room, so we did that for a while.  It took quite a long time because we had to take all of our cans out of our pantry to move it over to the other wall.  But I was able to do a mental inventory while we moved everything and put everything back quite nicely.  Now the whole living room is picked up and we’re feeling like we accomplished a lot today.

Dave is supposed to teach in priesthood tomorrow, but he lost his voice so I don’t think that will happen.  Lacy may be sick again, so Dave may hang out with her instead of the elders. I’m pretty sure they will go to church, just not their classes.  We can’t sneak out early because I’m playing piano in Relief Society tomorrow.  I’m hoping to take the girls out to the Capitol Campus tomorrow after church to take some pictures of them in the leaves.  We did that last year, and the pictures turned out so cute we would like to make that a family tradition every fall.  If we can’t do that tomorrow, I might ask mom and dad if you guys will help me take their pictures, because I don’t know how many more nice days we have left.  I’ve got to get these pictures now, or I’m not going to get them at all.

I hope everyone had a grate, productive Saturday!  I know I sure did!

Continue the car saga.

We ran errands today at lunch.  One of the errands was to drop by Costco and pick up a few things, including my new glasses.  While we were there we ate a yummy lunch, hot dogs.  On the way out we forgot to get gas so when we were down to Carpenter we turned around and went back.  We filled up the car and then tried to start it.  It was very hard to start, but we finally were on our way.  We headed out the back way from Costco and then wanted to turn right onto Marvin Road so we could get on I-5.  The car almost died, but this is when I noticed that the check engine light had gone off.  We drove down to the new Kohl’s and went in to shop.  I was really afraid that the car wouldn’t start again, but when we got out, it started right up and we headed off.  I guess whatever the problem was has been fixed.  We are quite pleased that we will not have to have the loaner car again.